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Sunday long run

Posted May 29 2011 7:40pm

I am exhausted.

We had 12 miles on the schedule, but I was having trouble mapping out an even 12, so I went with 12.5. I decided to change up our scenery a little bit and have us run through Forest Park, the big beautiful park in our area. We even decided to leave at 7:30am instead of 8, since we knew it was going to be a HOT day.  What I was not prepared for, was the amount of sweating, killer hills, a moments of "I just wanna stop!!!"
We started of doing well, but it was our first long run in the heat. Instantly sweating, and even with a visor to keep it out of my eyes, i had to wipe it away from my face. Our usual route was changed up a little, and we were glad, because this meant we hit my dad's house around mile 5.5. We refilled our bottles, had a little to drink, wiped the sweat off of us, then headed toward the park.
Now the one thing I did not know about Forest Park, was that there were killer hills to climb leading into it. Not just any hill, but I think the steepest hill I have ever seen. Well, maybe not that steep, but pretty bad. I wish I could show you the elevation, but my Garmin is acting ridiculous and I can't upload the workout. Not only were there hills, but I think we missed the loop we wanted to take, and we ended up with an extra mile tacked on to the route.

So after the hills, we returned to our regular route which was a struggle. My legs were literally wanting to die. We hit Shelley's mom's house around mile 11, and stopped for more water. I took an ice cube to my neck, chest, face & arms, and it melted immediately.

The last 2.5 miles were torturous. At one point Shelley said "Is it wrong that I want to throw myself into oncoming traffic?" I had to stop for a walk break up the last hill, then we powered through to the end with thoughts of Panera on my mind.

stats (from what I can remember, stupid Garmin)
13.54 miles

Post-run treat?
Low fat Mango smoothie
Egg & Cheese sandwich on a honey wheat bagel
1/2 a chocolate chip cookie

After a much needed shower, I spent the day resting, grocery shopping & doing laundry, and cleaning. Unfortunately I do NOT have tomorrow off (hospitals don't get holidays), so I'll be stuck working until 4:30.. booo! Since the gym isn't open tomorrow morning, I may try an early morning bike ride.

And if anyone knows how to transfer my workout from my Garmin, which is currently frozen on the time screen with no buttons working, please let me know. Thanks!

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