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Summer odds-n-ends

Posted Jul 11 2012 7:55pm

I went to the dermatologist for the first time today. I have a family history of melanoma (that’s the bad kind), and with the running and the fair skin and –dare I say it– the middle age (there! I said it so now YOU don’t have to…EVER!!), I figured it was time for a lil visit to the ol’ derm doc. I scheduled a “full body scan,” having no idea what that would actually entail. Well, I tell ya, it means the dermatologist examines your entire body for anything unusual in the skin…and I mean your ENTIRE body! She peaked and peered into every crease and crevice. I wish I had worn nicer underwear. Seriously, I felt like I needed a cigarette when she was done. She said I looked ‘really good’ when she was done. I will take THAT to mean that she thought I was beautifully flawless, incredibly sexy, and of course very good looking, and NOT simply to mean that I didn’t appear to have any gigantic, grapefruit-sized malignant growths hanging off anything.

She did remove Mr. Mole from my right shoulder though. I had kinda gotten used him. He was getting so big and strong from all the sunshine and running. I was proud of him. But the derm doc sliced him off before I could say basal cell carcinoma. I didn’t even have a chance to say goodbye. She wouldn’t even let me keep him after she cut him off so that I could give him a proper burial. Guess Derm Doc never had a Mr. Mole as a friend…and judging by her near-perfect complexion, I doubt she’s ever even had a freckle.

“Keep wearing your sunscreen, and see you in six months,” she said to me. But I can read between the lines. I think she has a crush on me and just wants to see me every six months to gaze in loving awe at my fair skin and beautiful facial melasma. And here I have to pay HER!

And so, I will keep wearing my sunscreen.

And speaking of sunscreen, we recently vacationed at the beach. Ok, I grew up in Florida where people call that narrow strip of sandy land between the edge of the ocean and the rest of the continent by its proper name, The Beach. Here, of course, as you all know, people call it The Shore. The shore to me is what you find surrounding a lake. But here, when ocean meets land, it is called the shore…more specifically the New Jersey shore. And perhaps contrary to what you might think, the New Jersey shore is quite beautiful.

During our brief time there, the weather was beautiful…not too hot and not too cold. The water was perfect. There were none of the occasional cursed beach oddities, like a plague of big, black flies or gale-force wind or 40-degree water or 40-degree air or nonstop rain (all of which has happened to us on various beach holidays). But of course, I took hardly any photographs and I ran a total of zero times and we had to leave early because of a family emergency. But the time we had there was nice, and I am thankful for it. Here’s the few photos that I did take:

I hope you all enjoy your summer vacations here and there. Treasure that time you have with your families…and don’t forget to wear your sunscreen and take a run on the beach.

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