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Sugar Detox Recap

Posted Apr 06 2013 7:06am

I’m heading out this morning for a 4 mile race.  It really snuck up on me, and my quads are still sore from an extra spin class on Thursday. But it will be fun to push the pace again.

Today is the final day of the sugar challenge! How did everyone do?

I started this challenge to prove to myself that I can choose to avoid sugar, and I made it through.  I gave up processed foods as well, but the sugar was the hardest part.

I certainly still had my share of natural sugars in the form of dried fruit, fresh fruit, some sweet veggies, smoothies… and more dried fruit… probably a little too much some days!

Coconut date walnut balls; Bites of Bliss (walnuts/dates/goji berries); Fruit and plain yogurt smoothie

And lots of good food, too…

Lentil Salad with asparagus; Beet and carrot salad; Tabouli; Veggie Frittata

The hardest day for me was Thursday… I got up an hour earlier than usual to sub a spin class, and  then ran a few miles.  I felt energized for the morning, but after lunch I was exhausted.  My daughter had quiet time but never napped, of course, so I didn’t either.

Instead, I found myself snacking all afternoon… a handful of nuts and raisins, then string cheese, an apple, another handful of nuts and raisins, some dried pineapple… when I think a few bites of dark chocolate might have done the trick!

I still got my dark chocolate fix a few days with mashed banana and natural cocoa powder, topped with cacao bits:

1 mashed banana with 1-2 tsp cocoa powder, or to taste

I learned that I am most likely to go after sugar when I’m tired and seeking that quick burst of energy.  I know in my head that a green smoothie or juicing could give me a more natural burst of energy, but I want chocolate!

So what’s next? Most days I felt amazing, with no mid-afternoon crash, and wanted to give up sugar for good. I do need want some dark chocolate back in my life but not every day.  Isn’t it eye-opening to realize that sugar is everywhere?!

I really enjoyed hearing your experiences and reading all the comments on the accountability form.  Some of you had crazy headaches and withdrawal symptoms, while others felt better than ever.

I’ve been receiving fun mail this week for the winners.  A quick review of the prizes…

NatureBox thoughtfully suggested putting together a box of no added sugar (or low sugar) items, including pistachios, dried pineapple, rice snacks, trail mix and their lowest sugar granola. The sample box I got was perfect.  The pineapple rings didn’t last long! And I’m a huge fan of pistachios… they are possibly my favorite nut.

I fell in love with compression socks over the fall while marathon training, and am excited that ProCompression will be giving a pair away as a prize. They have made such a difference in my recovery after long runs.  I occasionally wear them during a run as well, for extra support and a faster recovery time.

And one person will win a box of Larabars - love these date/nut combos… there are so many delicious flavors, all sweetened with dried fruit. Check back tomorrow for the winners!

Finally, just a reminder that Google Reader is soon going away. You may want to follow my blog with Bloglovin or Feedly.

Non-detoxers, have you ever given up sugar or sweets?

Sugar detoxers, what was the week like for you? What did you learn? Where will you go from here?

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