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Stupid Statements and Questions from Non-Runners

Posted Oct 08 2012 11:09am
  • You don't really LOOK like a runner.
  • So, have you won any races lately?
  • So, you are running another marathon? How long is THIS one?
  • How do you pee when you are running?
  • Why would you run a race if you don't think you can win it?
  • REALLY? YOU are going to run a marathon? 
  • (Same person that asked the previous question)...You REALLY think you can FINISH a marathon?
  • WHY would you want to run?
  • I would run but I've heard running is really bad for your knees.
  • I would run but I've heard running is bad for your internal organs.
  • I would run but I don't think most runners look like they are having fun.
  • WHY would you run 26.2 miles just to send a sick kid to camp? Isn't running a marathon painful? 
  • Can't you just run a shorter race? 
  • Aren't most marathons like 15 or 20 miles?
The best question I've been asked, came from an Orthopedic doctor......"So, let's say you are an old used car that doesn't have that many more good miles left in you....Would you want to waste the miles you have left by running a marathon?"

Why yes, you stupid moronic doctor with ZERO bedside manners or ANY manners for that matter, a matter of fact, I WOULD!!

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