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Strong & Steady

Posted Mar 11 2013 11:01pm

I finally had a follow-up visit with my podiatrist last week. I impressed him so much with my magical healing skills that I got a gold star and have been given the green light to start wearing tennis shoes again. Well, I didn’t literally get a gold star (I wish!). But he was amazed that I passed the “push on the fractured spot” and “stand on your toes” tests without flinching in pain.

Bye bye, boot! It’s been fun. (NO IT HASN’T.)

Yep, still there.

Really goes well with my compression socks, don’t you think?

Well, maybe I shouldn’t be saying au revoir to the boot quite yet. I’ve been advised to take it day by day…and I’m just not so sure. I still feel really iffy about walking –  I don’t know if it’s soreness/achyness from wearing the boot, or if I’m not healed yet, but I still feel a little somethin’ somethin’ when I move my foot a certain way. Walking (in the boot, at least) doesn’t hurt anymore, but when I flex my foot and move it side to side, it hurts a little. When the doc pushed on the spot a few days ago, it didn’t hurt. Today, it hurts a little.

What’s the dealio, yo?! (Name the movie!)

I’m nervous because while my stress fracture is evidently in my navicular bone (top/upper edge of foot), it’s always been the front of my ankle that hurts. And it still hurts a little…but in this case, is it just a lack of flexibility due to wearing the boot for 2+ weeks? Or is the ankle/surrounding muscle the real problem? Case in point: in addition to x-rays, the doc had me stand on my toes when he diagnosed me a couple weeks ago…but it didn’t hurt then and it doesn’t hurt to do that now. However, he used my current lack of pain when on my toes as a sign that I’m healing. When I mentioned that it never hurt to do that, he just said something about inflammation. Hmm..

I’m basically at my wits end. I don’t feel much better, but I don’t know if it’s normal, or if I’m just being paranoid. Maybe I’m just impatient…but guys, I’ve been doing a lot of biking. A LOT!  Sigh. (I think I just need company – my workouts have been so lonely!) On the bright side, I got to ride outside on both Saturday and Sunday, AND Brendan joined me for a bit on Sunday! Bonus.

On Friday, I entertained myself indoors by watching Ironman Full Circle videos. And crying.

On Friday, I entertained myself indoors by watching Ironman Full Circle videos. And crying during all the finish line sequences.

Today, I was excited to do something other than bike…even if was swimming. But then, after a couple laps in the pool, this happened:



The left side filled up with water and was totally un-fixable. I tried swimming with just one eye open, I tried swimming without goggles…nothing was working for me. After about 15 minutes of stop-and-go laps, I begrudgingly threw in the towel. Then, I came home and  half-heartedly did some bicep curls. Today was a huge workout failure and I’m totally disappointed in myself. It’s one of those (more and more frequent) nights where I’m questioning everything – should I be doing this? Did I start training too fast? Am I overestimating my athletic ability? If I put my mind to it, CAN I do it? I guess that’s up to me to decide.

I can go out and bike for 4+ hours in a weekend. (This upcoming Saturday calls for 3 hours straight!) I know I can run over 10 miles when healthy. I may not be the best swimmer, but I can hang in there and swim over a mile. I need to remember all these things on days like today when I’m feeling down. My body has taken me SO far and I’m grateful that it remains strong and steady.

I’ll continue to try and muster up a bit more positivity for you all and for myself…I just miss my running. And I’m super envious of everyone who’s out training and tapering and speed-working it up…but also so happy for you guys! Run a mile for me, will you?

It’s been almost a month since my last, measly 6 mile run with my team. Saturday, February 16th.

Naturally my GPS was searching for satellites for the first half mile

Naturally my GPS was searching for satellites for the first half mile. And apparently I was distracted for the last .65.

Still, not a bad run for a stress-fractured foot!

So, tomorrow is another day. Hopefully another day closer to running and perhaps a day with a little more optimism.

Now, I just need to come to terms with the fact that I have to be that girl who wears tennis shoes with work clothes.


Oh, you’re still here after all my complaining? Thanks for sticking around! So, fill me in. Have you ever had trouble coming back from injury? Ever not totally on board with what your doctor told you? Do you call them tennis shoes or sneakers?

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