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Strength Training During Marathon Training

Posted by Heather J.

As runners, sometimes we tend to put so much focus on leg strength, we neglect to work the rest of our bodies. Even when training for a marathon, it’s important to add some resistance training a couple of times a week. The following exercises work multiple muscle groups and challenge your balance, as well, which means you build stability as well as work your upper body, core, and lower body. Start with one set if you’re new to strength training; do two to three sets if you’re experienced. By working these three key areas, especially the core, you’ll build a strong foundation for long runs, reduce your risk of injury due to muscular imbalance and overuse, improve running efficiency, and recover actively. The following program incorporates push-ups, standing row+squat, shoulder raise on a stability ball, squats with a medicine ball, arm curls on single leg, and tricep extensions on a stability ball. Visit for diagrams and explanations.

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