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Stinkin' Close Call

Posted Jul 18 2006 12:00am
I decided to go for a bike ride tonight since I hadn't really done anything since the LTF Tri on Saturday and was feeling quite lazy. So, I dug out the road bike and went for a ride on the country roads to get away from other riders and walkers. It was great, not too many cars and a beautiful countryside to look at. About three miles into the ride, I was already hot and tired. It was a lot more hilly then I had thought. As I was biking, I saw a dead skunk in the road and thought, man am I glad I missed that. No sooner was I thinking that and I looked straight in front of me and was about to tango with a baby skunk. Not my idea of a good time seeing as though you never get to lead with a skunk. Thankfully, I swerved to miss the little guy and didn't get sprayed but he was kind enough to spray the area so I knew it was his territory. That was more then enough excitement for me. Next time, I think I'll stick to the trails and take my chances with other bikers and pedestrians. At least I know they don't have a deadly odor. Next blog I'll try to take pictures to attach.
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