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Still Chugging Along

Posted Nov 29 2012 10:25pm

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. Mine was nice, but I’m glad it’s behind me. Now, to get through the Christmas eating season…

It is proving more difficult than I thought it would be to motivate myself to be good. I had a decent day yesterday and the day before, so here’s to hoping that I am finally back on track. This weather is making it tough to care. First off, since I’m back to wearing sweats and warm up type clothes, I am not as conscious of gaining a few pounds as I was when I was wearing shorts and tank tops. Second, it’s not so much fun to walk and run in the cold weather. And third, every time I heal up a running injury, I have two good runs and then I’m out of commission again. I last ran on Thanksgiving. The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, I had an awesome run. Thursday’s run left a lot to be desired. It was super windy and it just didn’t feel good at all. And then I woke up Friday morning and my knee was feeling really weird. I iced it for a couple of days and have since been waiting for it to feel normal. I think today I an going to attempt a run, but at this rate, I will not be ready for my half in February. I just don’t know what I should change to stop incurring these injuries.

Update: I ran yesterday, and all went well. In fact, I felt great. I ran 10 minute miles for three miles, and I woke up fine today. Tomorrow I have another 3 miler planned, and then if all goes well, I’ll bump up to 4 on Sunday. The weather is supposed to be awesome, so I’ll head to the trail. Here’s hoping that tomorrow’s run treats me well.

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