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Stick with the old? Or try out the new?

Posted Mar 04 2010 10:05am

I have the four mile Shamrock run tomorrow, which should be a lot of fun. The weather is supposed to be half way decent, and I'm making plans with some of my fellow runners to meet up after at an Irish bar.

I am debating on which running shoes to wear. I've run four times in my new Nike's, yesterday I ran six miles in them. I'm feeling a couple of aches in spots I haven't felt before, I think it must be because I'm getting used to this style shoe. The larger size is great though, I can't believe I ran for so long in too small shoes.

I've worn my Asics for all the training runs for Shamrock, and there are some decent hills. There is a notable difference in the shoes, the heels of the Asics have much more padding, which I kind of like for the hills. Although when I put them on now it feels like I'm wearing high heels!

Any suggestions? Wear the shoes I've been training in, even though they're too small? Or wear the Nike's, even though I haven't worn them outside, or run any hills in them?

Above, the source of my dilemma. Note the 12 pack of Stella Artois, it's been buried in the snow ever since my sister was here two weeks ago. Guess the snow is finally melting.

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