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Stick With Exercise

Posted Oct 25 2012 10:04pm

A little over a month ago I was contacted by a representative for Dr. Robert Hopper in regards to a book he had written – Stick With Exercise For A Lifetime, How To Enjoy Every Minute Of It! – and asked if I wanted to review the book for the blog. I get a lot of solicitations for random things to talk about here and I try to be pretty selective about what I pick. This one made the cut. (BONUS: I love the color of the cover Smile… it’s the little things!)


Look how pretty the cover colors are! Two of my favorites!! Which obviously makes the book an immediate slam dunk Winking smile

To give a short description of the book before I tell you my thoughts on it, here’s a brief little excerpt from the email that was sent to me:

In STICK WITH EXERCISE FOR A LIFETIME, Hopper looks at the seven best practices used by the most successful exercisers to identify what physical activities work best for each person, and how to incorp orate them into a regular routine they will stick with long term. He helps readers discover what activities they ENJOY the most, and how by focusing on them, they can become fit, healthy and happy.

Considering I love reading, working out and being fit, and doing whatever I can to help others find joy in a healthy lifestyle, I jumped on the chance to read and review the book.


Look how short of a book that is. There is no reason that you can’t get through it. I was going to say “fast and easy, just like I like it,” but I feel like that’s unnecessarily setting myself up for a bad “that’s what she said” joke.

It isn’t a long book by any stretch of the imagination – it’s only 125 pages – and it’s a fast, easy read, which I think is good for anyone who is just beginning to delve into health and fitness. So many health and fitness books can be long-winded and intimidating to newbie exercisers, and contain a lot of fitness jargon that might not be easily interpreted by someone who doesn’t know a lot about working out. This book is not like that in the least.

The book is broken down into eight short chapters, with chapters 1-7 going through Dr. Hopper’s seven steps for finding a fitness routine that is unique and enjoyable to each individual and chapter 8 being a quick summary of the previous 7 chapters. Each chapter takes a look at different famous athletes and how they found success in the sport they pursued, as well as everyday people who have taken up a sport knowing next to nothing about it and slowly turned it into a lifetime sport that they love and enjoy.


These are just some of your options. You have two full pages worth of options. If you can’t find something on these two pages, however, you’re out of luck. JUST KIDDING the sky is the limit Smile

In the very beginning of the book Dr. Hopper gives a large list of tons of different activities that can be pursued to help a person get fit. While the standard exercises, like running and the elliptical are on the list, there are also ones that people may not think of right off the bat as being a viable option for living a healthy lifestyle, like sailing or folk dancing. I thought it was kind of fun to go through and pick out all the different things I’d like to try at some point.

The whole focus of the book is on finding fun ways to pursue health and fitness, instead of forcing yourself to exercise doing things you don’t enjoy doing, which is a quick recipe to end up burning out and giving up. I think one of the main reasons that people fail at establishing a fitness routine is because they think that they have to fit their workouts into this small, predefined box of workouts – like weight lifting at the gym or running on the treadmill – even though they hate those activities, when in reality there are endless ways that you can get in shape AND have a great time doing it. It was refreshing to read about finding joy in getting healthy and fit.

While I definitely don’t think the book offers a ton of groundbreaking new information, I do think it’s a great starting point for someone who is trying to figure out a way to get started with a fitness routine that is tailored to their lifestyle. I think it’s so important to have fun getting fit, and this book really hammers that home. If you’re looking for an easy, quick read that gets you excited to find your exercise passion, this book can do just that. If you’re interested in learning more about the book or Dr. Hopper, visit his website at .

A big thanks to Dr. Hopper for letting me review his book – I really enjoyed reading it!

Full disclosure: I received the book for free in return for my honest opinions about it.

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