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Stepping on a Soap Box

Posted Nov 18 2009 10:03pm

Go read this blog post: Op-Ed Wed: Dear Reebok

I loved this part:

We know what you’re selling, and it isn’t fitness, or even a firmer ass. You’re trying to sell us insecurity. And we aren’t buying.


We shape our bods with interval repeats, not lame toning crap shoes.

Just wanted to share this because lately I’m getting increasingly angrier with the messages in media that women are not good enough and that we need to be a certain weight or size or shape; that we have to lose X pounds in a weekend and X inches by Friday as opposed to living a healthy lifestyle overall. Granted, I have fallen victim to the preaching that everyone has to fit a certain mold to be beautiful and respected, and that thinking has only been damaging to my mental and physical health.

Remember, we are allowed to rest or relax when we’ve been sick or pushing hard, have treats from time-to-time, and the true beauty of people comes from the fact that we are all different.

I’ll step down… for now!

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