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Step one, and two, and three, and….

Posted Jan 25 2011 10:29pm

Yesterday I finally did something I’d yet to do this year. I ran. Aside from the fact that it was my first run in over three weeks, there was absolutely nothing noteworthy or deserving of it’s own blog entry that happened. I had the day off so I dallied for most of the morning and went to the Y in the early afternoon. I had PT at 3pm so I figured running right beforehand would be the best plan. This way, if anything got sore or uncomfortable, it would be immediately taken care of at therapy. I wore my Ghost 2s because they felt the most comfortable back in December before things started hurting. I think part of the problem that occurred with the Achilles is that a number of my shoes needed to be retired. They have been since, which means I need to add a couple new pairs soon as I begin to get back to a regular training schedule (I like to rotate a large number of pairs, both for variety and to improve longevity). The run itself was just fine. Three miles on the treadmill after a short warm-up on the arc trainer; slow and relaxed. Nothing felt off or painful, aside from the typical hamstring tightness that is causing me to go to PT in the first place. I made sure I stretched real well after.

Today I was back at Y. I wasn’t planning on running, but I wanted to try something out. I did one mile in my old wrestling shoes. I think it could be beneficial to do a very small bit of running barefoot (or barefoot-ish in this case, the wrestling shoes have little more than a thin rubber sole and some cloth covering the foot) to strengthen my feet and ankles. Tomorrow or Thursday will be another short run, maybe outside (ridiculous weather permitting), and this weekend I’ll be starting my “long runs” over at around 8 miles.

It’s not where I’d like to be at this point, but it’s where I am. One step at a time, patiently, is the best I can do.

Til next time, RUN HAPPY everyone!

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