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Spring Training Tips

Posted Mar 17 2009 2:37am

I hate winter, I yearn for spring, I enjoy summer and adore fall.   So it should be no surprise that my running follows the same path.  

Because my good intentions during winter rarely result in an equal amount of good running, I find myself impatiently trying to catch up in spring.  I push my running, trying to make up for lost time and lost runs of the winter.  Those runs I abandoned to instead stay warm under a quilt with a cup of hot chocolate or those runs I cut short because I thought my head would explode if I took one more step on a treadmill. 

With the first hint at reasonable weather, I am back running in full force.  I try to pick up where I left off an entire season ago.  I tell "rest" to take a hike and "recovery" it isn' t worth it and try to pack in the miles and quickly build a base.  Because I just know that the faster I build a base means the faster I can do more and go faster.

Yeah right.

"Quickly build a base" shouldn' t be allowed to be used in the same phrase.    If I "quickly build a base" I will generally find myself just as quickly searching to find out why my knee hurts or hip has pain.   And if I run through the warning signs, I find myself even more quickly wishing I hadn' t rushed into spring training.

Based on my lessons learned the hard way, my spring training tip is togive yourself the time and luxury of building a base, one run at a time, which leaves you feeling stronger and with more enjoyable runs.    Don' t push it, don' t cram them in, and be smart about recovery and rest.   Run more slowly and planfully in the spring so you can enjoy summer and fall running at your peak.

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 And stop by Take It and Run Thursday and leave your spring training tips!

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