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Spring Body Breakthru with Shandell Raposa

Posted May 09 2013 6:30am

I had dinner plans last night so knew I had to get up early if I wanted to get a workout done. I managed to catch the first train and made it to the 6:15 am Spring Breakthru class with Shandell Raposa, Group Fitness Manager at Equinox .

Shandell Raposa and Me

We warmed up by jogging in place, jumping jacks and a few other moves like high knees and butt kicks. Then we moved into strength that included arm exercises, squats, burpees, and core moves-all very dynamic to include that cardio factor. The music selection (which I loved working out to) and a few of the moves actually reminded me of Pure Barre.  For example, the bridging and some of the core exercises were similar but were a bit more dynamic.  The bridging moves made my hips scream, “See!! I’m not strong enough yet!!”  I am glad I am doing some different exercises to help strengthen them.  I NEED to get back to my first love-marathoning.

The class made me sweat and kind of reminded me of one of Jillian Michaels workout videos.  The only thing I wasn’t used to was there was no cool down and stretch incorporated into the workout.  I don’t mind that it is not included-I just have to be more disciplined to do my own cool down and stretching…which…not going to lie…I didn’t do!  In my defense, I might have skipped the cooldown because I wanted to try to beat traffic to the showers.  I wasn’t sure how busy they would be but there were actually quite a few open.  The shower itself is nicer than my shower at my apartment! They also have Kiehl products which makes the experience even better.

I wonder if it always is that easy to get a shower.  The class after mine (Shockwave) seemed to have quite the crowd waiting. Shockwave includes “extreme” cross training through different circuits.  Some of the girls in the class with me said it is a really tough but great class. It made me almost want to stay or a double workout session but I knew that probably wouldn’t be the best idea-I needed my second breakfast ASAP!  Maybe some other day I can drop into that one and give it a try.

Unfortunately, today is my last day of the trial period of Equinox, but I’m going to make the most of it!  My work’s PMC happy hour is tonight which means that I need to do an early workout again.  Even though my arms and glutes are super sore today, I am off to  Ali’s Hard Core Cuts and Barre Burn class! Making it count!

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