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Spreading the Word I to ...

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:00am
Spreading the Word

I told my husband I was going for 4-5 mile run with my new missionary friend. "Well, he said, "Make sure you don't trip or anything." "Why do you say that?" I asked. "Because if you twist your ankle or fall you'll string together a list of obscenities to make her head spin." Hmmmmm....he had a point about that. I'll just have to be really careful to not fall.

I met Selene again in the Sand Run parking lot, but my plan was to take her toward the Towpath. The poor thing has done virtually all of her Ohio running at Sand Run. I pointed out all the trails that parallel Sand Run and the winding Towpath that goes on for miles. What a treat for me to point out all northeastern Ohio has to offer. When I got out of my car a handsome lad was approaching me that seemed vaguely familiar but I couldn't place him, so I started to walk away and look for Selene at the other end of the lot. He started talking to me, and then placed him as the handsome young lad, Mike, that we met running the 20 miler last weekend. He's the guy doing his first marathon that asked a billion questions. I didn't recognize him because he was hat less and my only recollection of him was topped with a cap. He's really worried, like most beginning marathoners, that all his good training is going down a shit hole during the taper. This is the hardest thing about marathon training, but I implored him to be easy this week---his body will remember all the hard training, but he needs to repair all the damage of the training season. He asked if I thought ten miles is too much to do this weekend. I told him my group was only doing 6-8 and this isn't our first marathon. He said his wife and two young children will be at the finish waiting for him. I told him about the pasta dinner the running club is hosting at St. Bernard's, free for marathoners if you join up with the club. I did my club bit. I hate to shove the club down people's throats, but this is a man that is so into running and he seems to not know that many other runners. Selene may be an ambassador for God, but I'm ambassador for the running gods. He hopes to finish in 4:30 and I hope, more than anything he has a wonderful experience.

I think Selene and I are good for one another. We connected on our tendency to be women of extremes, going to far one direction or another. I told her that running has been the biggest tool for me in finding balance. I sense Selene has many issues with food that she struggles with. She said her struggles with food were easier out in Las Vegas where there are healthier food choices and that population, in general, is more in tune with fitness. She's been utterly shocked by the size portions offered in restaurants, the ongoing food sabotaging that goes on at family get-togethers, and the amazing girth of Ohioans! The great girth of Ohioans was pointed out to me yesterday when our school had a fire drill and the students/faculty amassed outside to wait the OK to reenter. I looked around and could not believe the obesity. I'd say a solid 9 out of ten students/faculty are obese. I'm not talking large framed. I rather like large framed women--they appear strong to me, more muscular, than the slight skinny mini's like me, built like up and down I'm not talking large framed...these girls were fat--blubberously fat with a host of health issues lurking underneath, ready to rob them of quality of life, way before they should have to deal with diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart disease, not to mention feeling like crap most of the time. Fortunately, I've never had issues with food...I love it all and will forbid myself nothing (except those vile weiners and donuts), but try to make healthy food choices and eat moderately...when hungry. Running seemed to take care of the rest for me. I swear it's like magic, so I keep doing the things that will keep me running.

My run with Selene was such a joy. She's dealing too, with a host of beginner runner issues, so I hope I'm able to help her navigate through some of those. She's delightful. Maybe she can help me with religion hangups, in time. I hope she sticks with the running. She's only run a few races. I'd like to get her involved in some more. I told her the key is to keep running while listening to your body...backing off, if necessary. Running pays huge dividends if only given a chance with much nurturing along the way.

After my great run with Selene, I was back to the inner-city pool. I haven't been there since early spring! I stopped by to see my wonderful friend Inca, who is Ying to Selene's Yang. ;-) I had a perfectly balanced morning seeing these two wonderful women! I suddenly possessed flip turn finesse! I could execute those flip turns without bashing my head on the wall or near drowning. All those months away from doing flip turns (couldn't practice them at the summer pool due to the zero foot entry) and now I can suddenly do them. The body remembers...
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