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Speed Work and the best motivation

Posted Jan 25 2013 8:37am
What a difference a day (and a a change of scenery) makes! Knowing I had a busy Thursday ahead of  me I set out for an early run but failed and turned my alarm off thinking my run was gone due to an afternoon commitment, but I did it. I spent the morning at a high school talking about my career education and past experience, it was interesting to hear from another woman who I have known for 20+ years that she had done something similar at the peak of her career and survived. Since I was out enjoying the bitter cold sub 0 weather I decided to hit the gym for the elliptical. Instead I changed and decided to hit the treadmill, I actually wanted to run!

I convinced myself that I could always run easy and then move to elliptical for the rest of my workout. My music started and I optimistically set the treadmill for 1 hour, put in an easy 7.0 mph and started. This felt good and the gym's constant activity was a good distraction, heck even CNN seemed interesting! After a mile warm up the music was pushing me and I started increasing speed and later incline. Mixing up the two and before I knew it I was nearing the end of my workout and closing in on 9 miles, of course I needed to add a little more! Am I the only one who hates ending runs at non-whole numbers? 

 Similar to my workout. Start at a comfortable pace for you and add speed or incline. Play with these numbers as you feel good. Your quads may love hate you the next day! I was having fun watching the young guy next try to keep up as he stared at my treadmill, this was motivation enough to push even faster! He was walking after 15 minutes and after a few more failed attempts to keep up was done, looked at me and said "you're fast" and walked away. Nice! Thanks for making my day!
I needed this run! I ended with 9 miles in 1:06:10 (7:21 average pace), it has been awhile since I managed this. Finally the run I needed, now I can feel like I am back to marathon training. I can't wait for the warmer weather (30s this weekend) and a nice long run outside, I might even be tempted to break out the shorts! It truly is amazing how changing I thing can increase motivation and one good workout is the best motivating factor. 

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