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Special Wednesday Wisdom: The Lack Thereof

Posted Sep 26 2012 2:00am
Happy Hump Day! Better known as Wednesday Wisdom in Two Itchy Feet circles. Although today I come to you with a confession to make: there just ain't no wisdom to impart today because, I shamefacedly confess, I think I've just won the stupidity awards! 

Yesterday, after yet another day filled with work meetings, I was in quite a misanthropic mood. So I thought I'd head to the gym and really sweat it out while doing speed intervals on the dreadmill. After Sunday's success sesh I really wanted to keep the momentum going.

It took me roughly two minutes, if not longer, just to get the darn thing set up. I.e. get the volume down to a level that wouldn't blast my eardrums, find a decent show to watch (Simpsons) and change the pace so that I would actually know what I was doing.

That being done, I set off. The plan was to do 400s. Start off with six, if they were going well, go up to eight. Aside from the TV screen, the treadmill also has a smaller screen with a track on it, telling you exactly how far you're going. Perfect for 400s.

I kicked off going at just under an 8min/mile for the first interval and worked my way up to a 6:40min/mile, which felt scarily fast on the TM. After each interval I slowed down to a walk for a quarter loop of the track, then went back up to a jog. Then on to the next fast one. 

After four intervals I was thinking that things were going quite well and I was surprised at my lack of exhaustion (when we do 400s at RC, I'm usually shattered after three). So I went on to do the whole six intervals. Realizing that I still hadn't gotten to a full three miles, I kept on going, wanting to reach at least four miles for the day. [This is where you math whizzes might start wondering...]

And that's when it hit me. During my last sprint. Going around half the track isn't doing 400s. No, that would mean going around the whole darn thing. Half the track, that's doing 200s, which was not the plan!!!

Have you ever had one of those moments where you're so astonished with your own stupidity, you just don't know what to do with yourself? Yeah, that was me yesterday (and still today). 

First thing I will do is return that doctorate that was obviously given to me by mistake. Then I'll get myself back to treadmill-school to have the track-screen explained to me. Maybe print out and laminate a distance-conversion sheet so that I know exactly how far I've gone in both kilometres and miles for every step that I take. And get some pictures drawn up for that as well. Maybe audio commentary? Clearly, I need all the help that I can get.

The upshot? I still got a decent speed session in. 

The downside? There's simply no wisdom to convey here today as I've distinctly proven that I've completely destroyed any running credibility I might have had with you, my loyal readers. And for that, I apologize.

Instead, here's a picture of a cucumber, freshly plucked from our garden. And no, I can't take any credit for that either, as G's the one in charge of all things edible 'round here. 

Have you ever had a proper brain-fart moment like mine? Please share so that I can feel just a teeny tiny bit less stupid. Thanks very much.

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