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Soul.Train Urban Flow Yoga with Kimberly Rajotte

Posted Feb 25 2013 6:06am

After this intense week of workouts, my hips were incredibly tight.  I knew it meant that I had to practice some yoga.  I signed up for Urban Flow Yoga with Kimberly Rajotte at Soul.Train .

Soul Train Urban Flow with Kim Rajotte

I have to admit that I was considering canceling my class.  I was feeling lazy.  I had already gotten my 5 workouts in for my  and wanted to stay home to cook, clean, and catch up some emails, etc.  But my hips were yelling at me so I decided to be good and go to the class.  It was the best decision of my weekend.  My hips feel a million times better and I got centered for the rest of my day.

Before class started, Kim explained what “urban flow” was.  It is a Vinyasa flow class with more hip hop based music.  The music will be louder than at your typical class but she will speak louder so that you can still follow her cues and direction.  I really liked her playlist.  The music made me want to dance a bit, but I remained focused on my practice (…note to self-ask Kim if she has a Spotify playlist that I can subscribe to…).

Kim asked if anyone had injuries and even said that if you were too nervous to mention them in front of everyone, you could call her over during the class to have her help you.  I found that really thoughtful because I’m sure there are always some people who are a little shy if no one else says that they have an injury.

Throughout the class, Kim gave great direction and even came over to fix my alignment.  Sometimes it’s hard to know what your body is actually doing unless you have a mirror, so I always appreciate when an instructor adjusts me when I’m aligned incorrectly.

Another aspect of Kim’s class that I appreciated was that she offered many levels of modifications depending on your level in your practice.  We got to practice handstand kicks (which I just stayed in standing split), bird of paradise, and also an arm balance.  The class flowed really nicely as the earlier poses all lead up to the more difficult poses so that your body was less surprised when you attempted them.  Kim emphasized that it is perfectly fine if you don’t make it to the advanced poses yet, it will come with time and patience.

At the end of the class, one of the students was asking Kim about her tight hips and how to help improve flexibility in her practice.  Obviously, I would be very interested in this as well.  One pose Kim suggested was laying on your back and holding your knees in for a few minutes.  She also reassured her student that flexibility takes years to develop.  Kim has been practicing yoga for over 10 years now and still finds flexibility something she needs to work on whereas the strength portion of yoga comes more easily to her.

I really liked Kim as an instructor and her class.  I am going to make an effort to try to make it to this class every weekend!  When I’m training for races my long run is usually on Saturday so this Sunday yoga class will fit perfectly into my workout routine.  *sigh* I <3 yoga!

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