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Posted Jul 18 2013 10:22am

I don't usually use my blog for any type of political statements or controversial subjects. I usually stick to running, healthy eating, my family, my favorite charity, or just random thoughts. This post however, although somewhat running related, is also a bit of a rant and maybe a bit political in nature.

Seriously? The youngest Boston Marathon bomber on the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine? I can't even bring myself to use his name. WHAT were they thinking? The picture that they used makes this guy appear to be some kind of rock star instead of a murderer.Yeah, that's JUST what we need to do--glamorize this guy. Rolling Stone is geared toward the younger readers and that makes this especially sickening to me--yeah, let's make this guy seem glamorous to our young people. Let's reward him with celebrity treatment.

If the people at  Rolling Stone wanted to do a story about this guy--fine, but don't put him on the cover. The cover should show some of the heros and victims from this horrible event--not the terrorist who caused this pain, suffering, fear and DEATH in Boston.

Although I wasn't at the finish line when this horror occurred, I WAS in Boston only a few miles from the finish line and some of my friends were at the finish. I know for a fact that some of my friends who were there are still having a hard time healing. Thank God-they weren't injured physically, but emotionally, they were hurt beyond words.

I feel that putting this guy on the cover of a magazine that is known for having celebrities and rock stars on their cover is a slap in the face to so many people. Those people who lost their lives, their loved ones, friends--and the victims who lost limbs or watched in horror as other's lost theirs--first responders--OMG--WHAT is this saying to them?

I just don't think that we should be giving this guy any publicity that makes him look like anything other than what he is--a murdering terrorist (alleged? Yeah, okay..alleged murdering terrorist).... This guy made statements in the past about how he thinks terrorism is sometimes justified?!!

Okay--rant over! The only thing I want to add is that I LOVE running-- I LOVE Boston and I totally disagree with the people at Rolling Stone who approved this stupid, insensitive move. Shame on them.

I feel a bit better now that I have had my say about this, even if it's only here on my lame blog! Now, however, it's time to move on--move forward and concentrate on peace and healing for everyone affected by the tragedy in Boston. I only wish there was more that I could do to help.

If at all possible--I for one will be running Boston in 2014! I'm still working on the anger I feel toward the tragedy on April 15, 2013--but I absolutely refuse to let this make me fearful of doing something I love in a city that I love!

Banner near our hotel in Boston the day after the marathon. Just kept thinking--"Was that all a nightmare? Did that really happen?" So hard to wrap my brain around it, even with the presence of police officers and their bomb sniffing dogs everywhere.

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