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Sony halts production of the Walkman cassette player

Posted Dec 27 2012 9:09am
North Face Nupste Down Jacket Black Yellow Sony has seemingly been focusing on production of new technologies and in the process making bold moves towards retiring older technologies they have north face nuptse sold over the years. In the spring of 2010 Sony had retired the floppy disk, and in October the company announced they are also giving the once highly popular Walkman a permanent vacation. The Walkman has had a good run of 30 years. This is a historical moment since the Walkman was the first ever portable music device. The popular cassette player emerged on the market back in 1979 and became the rage as it enabled music lovers the ability to take their music on the go, which was a new concept. Suddenly walker, joggers, commuters, students and more were seen toting a Walkman with a set of headphones. Prior to the Walkman, music aficionados depended on the record player, which was by no means portable in the sense people consider as portability nowadays. During the 1980s as CDs became the standard, the Walkman still held its ground in the market as many individuals were not yet ready to let go of their beloved, and more affordable, cassette tapes in favor of CDs. However over time as technology has progressed and digital music became the standard, the Walkman's popularity has been on a steady decline. MP3 players, iPods and other electronic gadgets now dominate the portable music market. It seems Sony has decided the Walkman, after more than three decades, no longer has a viable place in the electronic market. PC Magazine reports Sony has sold more than 220 million Walkmans worldwide over the 30 years of production. While the cassette players are going on permanent hiatus, PC Magazine reports that Sony will continue to manufacture CD and mini-disc players, even though the consumer demand for these products are also on the steady decline in the market. Although it seems inevitable that Sony will eventually stop production of these too. CDs are still popular on the market, but as digital music continues to drive down costs and is a more affordable, convenient, and attractive option for consumers, it seems only a matter of time before the electronics producers say good-bye to CDs as well. Although this ultimately will depend upon how long the consumer market is willing to buy CDs. Mashable reports that the "final batch [of Walkmans] was shipped to Japanese retailers in April, according to IT Media north face slippers." After these units sell, Walkmans will no longer be sold by Sony North Face UK. Many who grew up in earlier decades that experienced LPs, 8 tracks, cassettes, CDs and now digital music saw firsthand the progression of technology, which has picked up incredible speed over the last decade. While many today probably never even saw a Walkman, never mind used one, there are likely many people still around that will feel a bit nostalgic hearing of the Walkman's retirement. Farewell old friend.


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