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Something's in the water

Posted Nov 13 2012 12:00am
Dude, everyone I know is knocked up!

Truth be told, I'm a little selfish.  Alright, I'm a lot selfish.  And when I first got pregnant I was excited that I was the only one.  (Actually, that's not true.  A good friend of mine is a few weeks ahead of me but I don't see her very often and we don't run in the same circles so I still kinda felt like I was the only one.)  But then other people I knew either through real life and/or blogging started announcing their pregnancies and I have to admit, I was kinda excited.  It was fun to have people going through the same thing as me that I could talk to.  And it was especially awesome because many of them are fellow runners/athletes so I can talk to them about my running and whatnot during my pregnancy.

Congratulations to all my friends who announced their pregnancies in the last few weeks (or will be coming up soon).  I'm so excited we're doing this together!
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