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SOMETHING *beautiful* is Happening Here

Posted Jan 11 2013 7:41pm

Lately, I have been feeling *something*. Something MORE is happening on this blog.

Yes, I've always really liked blogging. I've always found it to be a good outlet. I have met some great people. I got to keep a personal memoir of my life forever but recently something changed.

This blog has FILLED me! 
This blog has Gratified me.
This blog has FULFILLED me in a way it never has before.

When I first started this blog 3 years ago I had no idea what direction I was going. I thought I wanted strictly a food blog.  I mainly posted recipes and hardly anything about my personal life. My photos were HORRIBLE!!!!!! I mean seriously bad:)
I didn't feel comfortable writing, truly writing about anything "real."

I was afraid of how other's would judge me. I wanted people to like me.

But then I hit another phase where I wanted people to see me. I wanted people to read my blog and like it so I tried harder. 

 The only problem, my heart wasn't FULLY in it .
 I was, I think at a point that every blogger gets to at one point in their blogging career, I wanted TOO MUCH! I got greedy; such an ugly quality.
I wasn't being true and real and forming true, real relationships. 

Am I proud of that? 
Absolutely not!!!!! but I am being 100% honest with you.
I wanted followers and felt like I would do anything to get them, I wanted to Be "SEEN"

But guess what?

I didn't get truly SEEN! Not by the eyes I wanted to see me! 

You don't  get truly "SEEN" until you drop the curtain and just be you.

Forget about the numbers, forget about the followers, forget about the stats, 



Everyone will see you:)

So I started writing about "MY TRUTH" I started sharing my heartaches, my struggles along with my joy and my triumphs but I let myself be real, raw, honest to the core and the response I got was AMAZING.

The first post I wrote like that I was horrified. As soon as I hit "post", I thought, "Oh no what have I just done to myself. My readers are going to hate me."


The exact opposite happened. I had the most amazing response I have ever had. 

SO ever since then I have always been VERY, VERY honest here in this space and that is something you can 
A-L-W-A-Y-S count on with me. You really are getting to know the true me, the real me.

Be raw, Be Honest, Tell The ugly Truth in a beautiful way, Inspire people, Make them feel welcome and not alone. Make yourself APPROACHABLE!!!!!  We're all in this together. That's what it's all about. Well for me anyway! 

No expectations
No selfish wants
Nothing in return

When I went back to work full time after Ginger was born the blog took a MAJOR back seat which was what was necessary for me to get enough time with my family so I stopped caring as much about it. That's okay. It was what it was. 

Every since I have been out on maternity leave (I've been BACK), something happened, something changed! 

I feel like I have been called to do something more with this blog! 

Reach more people to inspire them, to comfort them, to let them know their not alone. I feel like I need to use this blog to be absolutely 100% me but I feel like it's more than that. 
I feel like I am meant to CONNECT.  To help people connect the dots, whether it's weight loss or depression or joy or gratitude or faith (which I am VERY new to.) 

I feel like I have been chosen to do something here, exactly what??

I don't know yet
 but what I do know is that I have a huge warm fuzzy spot in my heart every single day because of this blog and my readers. 

You have shown me that there are truly still really, really good people in this word who would give anything to help another suffering soul.

I LOST THAT BELIEVE 7 YEARS AGO and shakily had it before then. 

After the loss of everything in Katrina, My faith was shaken, I was torn apart inside, skeptical, I felt like I couldn't ever fully trust anyone again. 
(One day I will tell you my story, the whole story)

and I am so joyful to  know that I was wrong. I can, I will and I am. 

Thank you for reading my blog, for letting me share my stories, good, bad, ugly and joyous with you. 

Thank you for lifting me up when I don't have the strength to stand on my own and I truly hope you will stick around for a long time because I enjoy you, immensely!

I also am so pleased that ever since I have come back and commited my life here to this little blog I have met SOOOOOO many wonderful woman and have ALREADY formed wonderful friendships, and support groups. They bring me so much encouragment! 

I have also had the pleasure to come across of the most wonderful handmade shops. Oh be still my heart. I L*O*V*E handmade shops like nothing else. Their creations are far more beautiful in my eyes than anything that could ever come from a factory! Just a few of my favorites

1. {Lemons and Lace}
2. {Acute Designs}
3. {The Printed Palette}
4. {Evy's Tree}
5. {Take the Cannoli}

skirt: Wal-Mart $9
Coat: Target
scarf: TJ Max 
Boots: Cork-Ease
Tank: forever 21 xtra long

Something has happened my friends. 
Something Beautiful!!!! 

Thank you so much for being part of my journey, my life, and my blog!!!!

And please do feel free to enter my *I Love You* giveaway. 

It's for you lovelies!!!!! 

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