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Some Thoughts on the 2012 New York City Marathon

Posted Dec 05 2012 11:18am
For those of you that have been with me over the last year you may recall I wanted to run in the New York City marathon this year. I had a lot of big plans for the last year with a number of milestones to work towards and some possible major races to try and get into. The New York City race was one that I had heard takes a few years to possible be selected for. So I think back in January I entered the lottery and waited until the spring to see if I was selected. I wrote about this back in April I think about how I got wrapped up in the whole hype of the lottery drawing and how I was a little disappointed by not being selected. Thank God for unanswered prayers in hindsight.
I wanted to just talk a little about the whole situation around the recent cancelation of the race. My opinion certainly does not change things at this point nor will it impact how they may address the current problems the race is dealing with. But for someone that could have been impacted and know at least one person that was, I thought I would weigh in on the situation.
First let me say that all of the people impacted by Hurricane Sandy are in my thoughts and prayers. I do have family in that area and in the City and thankfully they are fine. But there are a number of areas that still do not have power and I just can’t imagine how they are surviving with their families in the current conditions. So if you haven’t helped yet please consider doing so. Any amount to the Red Cross or your church’s relief organization will make a difference.
I think no one knew for sure just how bad the region and City would be hit. I think in many ways it was worse than what was being predicted. That is saying a lot since they all were saying it was going to be the worst storm in like a century. After the initial impact I remember thinking that there is no way that the area could recover even the basics before the race. Then I heard that the race was on and that it was going to be run. Immediately comments started online around the race and the decision. For those who had spent a lot of time training for it and the expense to attend they were mostly happy. For those living in the area and knew the conditions and issues being dealt with they were not happy. For me if I was someone attending I personally would have weighed all of the issues I would have to deal with. Could I get into the City? Could I get to the hotel? Would the hotel be ready to host all of the runners? Could I get food and water? Could I get transportation to and from the race? And most importantly could I get out of the City after the race? I know that flights were totally disrupted during this time and just did not see how it would have been a positive experience for me. I would have actually opted out of the race and done like others to find something else in the region or elsewhere to run if possible. Now on the flip side once the race came to their senses and cancelled I personally was happy. I think it was the right decision to do so so that the recovery resources could be used where they were most needed. But for all of those people, especially from overseas, that had already arrived I understand their anger. Why wasn’t the decision made much earlier? Why the cancelation at the 11th hour? I would be upset as well and very disappointed. What some of them did I think was a real classy thing which was to band together and help out with some of the relief effort. What a great example of the character of the running community. Others banded together to put on their own race. Again I certainly understand their desire to do what they came to do. Overall what a crazy weekend for the running community. I read yesterday that the race committee is still trying to figure out what to do about well everything. What do you do with those that did not attend? That did attend and was not allowed to run? How does this impact next year and the lottery? I bet it will be months before the decisions are made and communicated out. I do know no matter what is decided some will not be happy. For me I think I will not get back into the lottery for this race at least for couple of year maybe longer. I think it will take that long for things to settle.
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