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Some Post-Race Wisdom

Posted Sep 14 2012 3:00am
Today's workout: 3-mile recovery run at 7am

Since I didn't give you Wednesday Wisdom, I thought I'd give you some post-race wisdom instead.

Then I wrote those epically long race-recaps, had a busy week at work and, to top it all off, the Internet was down all day today. Tomorrow (Friday) I'm having a cheeky day off for a trip to London to meet some fellow bloggers and go to a top secret launch or something like that, about which I'll tell you when I get back. 

Now, after indulging a bit too much in a post-work-review piss up with my chicas, I'm left with very little time before bed and not much lucidity to provide any wisdom whatsoever!

So, for a change, I'm going to keep this short and sweet and leave you with my week's top 10 realizations about the following:

  • Sports massages: oh so worth it (like a John Mellencamp song: 'It hurts so good!') 
  • Recovery: don't underestimate the time your body needs to bounce back after a hard race
  • McDonald's: ok to get away with after a tough race, but really, better not...!!!
  • Friends: there to pick you up when you feel down, and then get you drunk
  • Family: there, regardless, no matter what and always believing in you
  • Significant others: there to tell you to stop moaning and get on with it
  • Easy runs: 3-mile recovery run? Yes please.
  • Autumn: Hello there....!!!
  • Un-met race-day expectations: It's alright. It's not the result that counts. Rather, the time, effort and determination that you put in, the journey that you went through to get there and the fact that you achieved whatever you set out to do, regardless of your finishing time, that's what counts. So when they say it's not the destination but the journey that matters, I think they (whoever the eff 'they' are) got something right!!! 
  • I am now a duathlete. Hells yeah, baby! 

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

And tell me about your September-wisdom. Any realizations? New insights? Particular love you'd like to share??

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