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Some days you got it and some days you don't, Handstand365 Day 23

Posted May 19 2013 12:16am
  Some days my balance is there and other days its non existant.  Granted I am still improving and I had a nice practice with my tree friend but I couldn't get any hang time out in the open yard.  I expected it though.  I have been cleaning and sorting all day and was kinda worn out and distracted.  I had to just accept after so many attempts that it just wasn't going to happen and be ok with that.

  Part of me wants to take a defeatist attitude but my better judgement was the "meh" part of me that rolled up my mat and went inside for a cuppa tea and some Star Trek.  Tomorrow will be better!

(in the picture, on the other side of the tree, I see a floating buddha leaning against the tree and sitting in Lotus with a bit of a cat face smelling a flower....)

Angie Bee
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