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Some cows, a dog and Running Club

Posted Aug 09 2012 12:00am
I don't think I have very much of a focus for today's post. I thought I'd be able to entertain you with a riveting recap of last night's running club, telling you how hard I've worked, fast I've run and what new superpowers I've discovered. And, obviously, I'd remind you of my freshly shaved legs.

Unfortunately, us running gals got to witness a rather unsavoury spectacle yesterday. We had just finished our third set of 400m's when we noticed a bit of a commotion going on in the middle of the commons. At first it looked like just another case of a dog getting overexcited seeing the cows grazing on the green. 

Who wouldn't get excited seeing these beauties? By Poinciana © Team Kolbe, Cambridge (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons
    We then realized that the cows were actually trying to kick and rid themselves off a dog, seemingly a Staffordshire terrier. 
By Henry von Platen (Own work), via Wikimedia Commons
Now I'm not much of a dog person, I don't hate them, I'm happy for you to have one, but I don't need to own one myself. I've got a husband and my hands full with him already, thank you very much. 
However, what I do know is that these dogs are fighters and they need to be trained. This one obviously wasn't. Its owner was a drunk, hollering after him but clearly having zero control over his pet. (If you ask me, people like that shouldn't be allowed to own dogs. Period. All they do is pose a danger to others by not knowing how to look after them. Can't blame the dogs, they don't know any better...)
We heard the dog crying out, the cows mooing in distress and suddenly they were charging across the green, the dog having bitten down on one of the cows' snouts and holding on for dear life. What a sight!
Generally the cows around here are quite docile. They graze on the commons and really don't mind us going about our daily business. When they get agitated, however, it's a whole different ball game. And a pack of cows coming charging at you is quite an intimidating spectacle, and dangerous! 
Hugh Venables, via Wikimedia Commons
Needless to say we all ran towards Midsummer House, a fancy-schmancy restaurant with a solid iron fence around it, and took refuge in their front yard. I'm sure their clients were particularly pleased to be joined during their haute-cuisine dining experience by a dozen sweaty girls just outside the window. 
To make a long story short, neither cows nor dog would let go and it took quite a few back-and-forth charges across the green and a brave Samaritan to get the dog away from the cows. We were left staring at the clearly distressed and now injured cow(s) while the onlookers slowly dispersed. 
Needless to say that we called it a day at that point. Never a boring sesh at running club, I tell you that! I think I got roughly 3 1/2 miles under my belt, but it looks like this week is going to be chalked up as a slow one in terms of training.
I'm taking another night off tonight, being in dire need of some girlfriend time... But after last week's super-training, I guess a slow week won't hurt.
To end this post on a positive note, let me brag about this incredibly amazing and über-tasty salad that yours truly created last night before partaking in yet another marathon-Olympics-watching session on the couch (grilled chicken courtesy of G and his BBQ). It was the diggity-bomb. For real. 
Throw me that Michelin star. Now!

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