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Sole Dual Layer Performance Socks

Posted Mar 15 2012 6:50am

Have you got Sole? Well I have! I recently received a couple of products from Sole to try out and yesterday I got the opportunity to try out their Dual Layer Performance Socks . I've been off work all week on leave and the temptation is far too great to not bother with any exercise and to just lay around the house drinking tea and watching Jeremy Kyle. But we all know that I am a super star athlete in the making so yesterday I was good and as soon as I hopped out of bed I got myself geared up and headed to the gym.

I decided to put the Sole Socks through their paces and the first test was trying to get them on the right feet! Luckily the people of Sole have thought about the likes of me and have very helpfully put a little R and L on each sock so that you don't get confused. I think one day I will go all rebellious and wear them on the wrong feet just to see what happens and to prove I'm a crazy kind of gal (or just a bit of a weirdo)!

Have you ever had a pair of those bed socks, the ones that are made of a really nice soft material that keep your feet lovely and snug and warm through the winter months? Well the Dual Layer Sole Socks feel just like that, they are so soft and comfy that I was almost tempted to kick off my trainers, make a cup of hot chocolate and curl up on the sofa, but no to the gym I must go!

Once I got to the gym I proceeded with my quick sit up and press up routine and then tried to prepare myself for the idea of nearly an hour on an exercise bike. But I thought really as I'm reviewing some running socks I really should have a little run in them and as I haven't run anywhere in over 2 weeks maybe my knee would be feeling a bit better so I headed to the treadmill and nervously programmed it for 10 minutes.

I don't know if it was the socks or the rest but I managed to run a mile with only a slight amount of knee pain, in fact the pain was actually worse when I stopped running than when I actually was running. Nevertheless throughout my short run my feet felt very comfortable and there was no rubbing or sore areas, which considering I was wearing my brand new trainers as well shows that these socks were doing their job and doing it well!

After my little run I did my 30 minutes on the exercise bike and then I had planned to do a bit of an ab workout but there were loads of people in the mat area and I couldn't bear the thought of having to crush up next to them so I slipped out the door and called it a day.

According to the Sole website the Dual Layer Performance Socks come packed with features including
  • Dual Layer Blister Protection
  • I Tactel, Coolmax & Lycra Blend
  • Tensorfit Arch Band
  • Breathable Mesh
  • Hand-Linked Toe Seam
I can definitely attest to the Blister Protection as I have no blisters or even any sore areas, the blend of materials definitely makes a lovely soft comfortable sock and the breathable mesh works because my feet weren't a sweaty mess when I got home (unlike the rest of me!). These are great running socks and I think I will be stocking up on a few more pairs because they come in loads of different styles and are available in both white and black (black is cool!)

Priced from £11.50 a pair I think that these are probably the best socks I've tried for the price. Mine have just survived their first time round in the washing machine and unlike some other running socks I've tried they have remained the same size and look good for another 500 miles if not more.

Head over to the Sole Web Store  where you can browse all their products including custom footbeds and the other product I have to try out, Sports Flips (review expected in a couple of weeks but so far things are looking good!)
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