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So last November I ended up in t ...

Posted May 22 2009 10:50pm

So last November I ended up in the hospital emergency room with a bladder infection that had spread to my kidneys.  They did some tests on me to rule out other possible, more serious, problems.  I spent about 4 hours there getting tested and pumped full of IV fluids and pain medicine.  I didn't even stay the night.  The cost of all this?


Tell me that the cost of health care is not inflated? 

Yes I think our medical system is in fine working order (sarcasm).

I'm not a Michael Moore fan (and I haven't seen this film) but I have heard good things about his healthcare documentary he recently put out.

One of my favorite things is how hospitals, doctors, etc charge different rates if you have health insurance.  Take Chiropractors for instance.  No health insurance?  Pay $25 a visit.  Health insurance?  They pay $100 and you pay $15-$20 copay.  Moral of the story?  Jack up the price where you can and when the big companies are footing the bills.  It's okay, we don't foot the bill in the long run do we?

Happy Healthcare'ing,


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