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So.. I went to the Wedding on Sa ...

Posted May 22 2009 11:49pm 1 Comment

Bride So.. I went to the Wedding on Saturday.  It was a beautiful wedding. Beautiful bride.  (Where are they not?).  I got to hang out with some friends back from my NikeWomen days so that was nice too.  It was HOT though.  The wedding was in a beautiful outdoor setting and it was probably 90 degrees.  You won't see any pictures of me in the photo album because I don't look so good in th heat :)  It was a great wedding, but as can happen when you are single and go to a wedding, you start thinking things like - "you know what?  All my friends are married or in relationships".  Yes that's true. Pretty much EVERY friend of mine is dating or married.  I'm the token single girl...

Sunday I drove up in the Santa Ana Mountains with my friend Lori.  We had a great time up there and Cimg3133 took some great pictures.  It was a beautiful (and warm!) day out there.  We had some lunch after our trek and saw "Evan Almighty" which I know has gotten some mediocre reviews but I really enjoyed it.

I'm looking forward to a nice "chopped" up work week.  Work for 2 days.  Day off.  Then work for two days.  Then Sunday night I fly to Dallas for work next week.

We are having a heat wave here is SoCal this week (I guess to get me ready for Texas but without the humidity).  It is supposed to be in the 90's pretty much every day this week with temps approaching 100 in the valleys and canyons.

Happy Running & Dirty Feet,

Wedding Pictures
Mountain Trek Pictures

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