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Snow, Rain and 13.1 Miles

Posted Feb 27 2011 8:46pm

This morning I did not expect to see this

on my way to Hyannis to run the half marathon.

This road looks a bit desolate and I was cruising along until a visitor pulled out of a hiding place.  My heart stopped and I thought for sure I was going to be pulled over.  Strange thing was he decided to follow me for several miles then slowly passed me….whew, thank you Mr. State Trooper.

I got to the race early, which was fantastic.  I felt calm, cool and collected having the time to go pick up my number, go back to my car, visit with some friends and get in line for the bathroom.  Since I missed an official PR during my last half marathon because I was running late and did not have time to use the bathroom pre-race causing me to make a pit stop, it was a big deal for me today to have all the time I needed.  Lesson Learned!

I am still uncertain of my official time as they have not been posted yet, but my Garmin time was 1:55.  Respectable time for our weather of rain, snow, rain, snow, and mist. It was a back and forth mixture so I spent most of the race with my head down trying to keep the rain and snow out of my face and watching out for puddles.  Who wants wet squishy shoes, right? 

Rumor was this was a flat course.  I would have to disagree.  It wasn’t the hilliest race I’ve run, but it had its inclines.  At the beginning of the race it was a terrible fight for real estate.  We were bottlenecked several time down the narrow streets that it made it difficult to keep pace.  Finally I was able to push through and weave around to get and keep a solid pace. 

Some of my favorite things along the course:

  • a young boy in full out camouflage.  He looked like a little moss boy giving all the runner’s a thumbs up as we passed.  Probably the most unique thing I’ve seen while running a race.
  • a couple of young girls at the end of their driveway built a snowman to cheer us on.  Just a cute scene that brought a smile to my face.
  • a race volunteer directing us had the best phrase I’ve heard….”Pick ‘em up & put ‘em down”  Love it!

Unfortunately, I ran the race alone despite the fact that I knew 2 separate groups that were running.  The events of the morning separated me from both groups so I entered the corrals alone and never found either group but worse than that I left my iPod in the car because I was for sure I would be running with someone.  Good news though after the race I was able to grab lunch with my Blog Run Girls. 

Liz , Becky and Lauren , love these girls.  They each have their own race stories to tell.  Check them out.  

I chose a grilled chicken quesadillas with pineapple salsa.  It was just enough to start the race recovery process.  This is very important because next we we hit Salem!


There is a 10 miler attached to this new race which is the distance I am registered for.  Hopefully this time I will actually get to run with the girls.  Fingers crossed.

I’m Listening:  Did you race this weekend?


Closing Thought: Between saying and doing many a pair of shoes is worn out.  -Italian Proverb

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