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Slow is sometimes better

Posted May 28 2010 12:00am
I have it in my head that any run that is over an 8:30 pace is SLOW and just not worth it. What is wrong with me? Since when did running a 9minute mile become slow? When I first started running consistently about a year and a half ago, I struggled to maintain a 9-9:30 pace for 5miles. Now, I can do it at under an 8 minute mile so I have really improved. However, when it comes to long runs, I have it in my head that faster is better and that when my pace goes above 8:30, I'm slow and must speed up. Yeah, it's not productive and I'm working on changing that. About a month and a half ago in the middle of marathon training I ran 17 miles at a 8:48 pace and was kicking myself because of how slow I was - I even took walking breaks and still had that pace overall. Tomorrow I'm going to force myself to run SLOW (8:30-9:00) for 90minutes. I'm sure my energy will be higher and I won't feel so defeated afterwards.

Friday Morning Run:
Goal: REST
Actual: 2 miles
Time: 15:07
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