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Sleep > Sickness

Posted Mar 15 2011 8:46am

Well, it happened. I woke up sick this morning.

It’s nothing I can’t beat — just a cold right now — but it’s still inconvenient.

I got to bed early and passed out hard, but I was tossing and turning all night. I was sweating one hour and freezing the next. You know the feeling.

I had plans to run in Central Park this morning, but when my alarm went off at 5:30 I knew that wasn’t a great idea. I re-set the alarm for 5:45, thinking maybe by then my sore throat would settle.

No such luck.

Sleeping in for the win.

Where I'd like to be right now...

I’m proud of myself for making the right call and not forcing myself to run — which is probably what I would have done a few months ago. From the neck down, my body feels fine. But between the sore throat, achy ears and overall head bluriness, I knew sleep was the best option. If I feel better later I can still get a run in tonight (since it’ll be light out!), but the extra sleep was necessary this morning.

I know I preach all the time about not dressing for the weather — if it’s raining, you can still look cute. But I’m a firm believer that if you feel like crap, it’s OK to look like crap.

Today’s outfit is simple: baggy jeans, a tank top and a short-sleeved cardigan.


I also brought a cozy sweatshirt with me to the office and will probably be throwing that on later if these chills continue.

So that’s me in a nutshell today! I wish I could have called in sick to work and taken the day to rest, but that’s not an option since it’s one of our super busy weeks.

The upside: I’d rather be sick now than be sick next week when I’m in DC!

See? There’s always an upside!

HELP A GIRL OUT: What are your best cold remedies? I rested this morning, which I know will help, and I have some Extra Strength Tylenol in my purse if I need it. I plan on drinking tons of water all day and I brought plain foods to get me through the day, like a peanut butter sandwich and an apple.

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