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Sitting is Optional!

Posted May 08 2013 10:37am

Today sitting is optional…and avoided when possible. And if I am sitting, I try to stay sitting as long as possible. Because the act of getting into the sitting position is worse then merely sitting.

Why am I being whiny?

Sitting is painful. Yesterday, just before Colorado got rain {yes, rain!}, Chris and I headed out to enjoy the beautiful weather…on our mountain bikes. For the first time in, well, a really long time, I got on my bike. Any idea where I’m going with this?


After months away from the super comfy bike saddle my butt bones did a great job of surviving…yesterday. Today they are feeling it. Sitting down to pee hurts. Getting in and out of my car hurts. Sitting at my desk hurts. It all hurts Which is why anything involving sitting is optional today. And probably tomorrow.

Was it worth it?

Definitely! It was great to get outside – yesterday was gorgeous. Plus, I had to figure out if I still knew how to ride a bike! I’m still a complete pansy on the downhills but I stuck it to the climbs!

…Chris riding through Prairie Dog Mecca toward Mt Carbon…

At least I was smart enough to whine my way into an easier ride! We headed over to Bear Creek Lake Park with no specific plans. In the end we covered 9 miles with 3 short but steep-ish climbs…and with the exception of pile of rocks on the last climb, I made it up all of them without stopping or tipping over.

…looking at Denver from Mt Carbon…

Okay, so in the first 10 feet of the Mt Carbon climb my gears got ornery and I did have to put my feet down, but I made it the rest of the way without face planting! I had to add that so Chris wouldn’t call me out on it…and yes, I’m blaming the gears!

…riding down the dam with Mt Carbon on the horizon…

Turns out we timed our ride perfectly. It started out sunny and hot but by the time we were finishing up our last climb it was overcast and breezy. On the drive back home we even saw a few sprinkles on the windshield! Then later that evening we got thunder boomers, wind and some actual rain! Of course it fairly dry this morning but we’ll take any moisture we can get!


PS – I would like to sincerely apologize for the decline in picture quality. I busted my poor phone…again. I’m far too cheap to throw $100+ into fixing it or replacing it so I’m using my 4 year old HTC Eris until August when I can upgrade.

FYI – This phone sucks. It’s a smart phone but the software is too old to load any apps…all I can do is check email, occasionally load Twitter and take crappy photos. Oh, and make phone calls! This is also my excuse for disappearing from Twitter and Instagram .

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