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Signs, Signs, Everywhere There's Signs...

Posted Oct 07 2008 11:18pm

Let's face it, when you are out running 2, 3, 4, or more hours - even the best scenery can get a little bland.   Spectator signs add support and cheer for runners.   Thinking about my race coming up in a week or so, I started visualize the signs I would love to see along the course.   Many included the signs from your suggestions last week.  But for me, I would like to see sayings that contradict the stuff going through my head, such as:

  • Yes, it is all worth it!
  • You should see how big the cookies are at the finish line.
  • Whatever you do, just don't stop.  Keep moving!
  • You're not slow, you just know how to enjoy a race course.
  • Finishing is winning!
  • Finish strong - your fans are waiting!
  • Millions of people never even started today.  You are one in the million who did.
  • You are my hero.
  • Run like you want to.
  • Come on, it doesn't hurt that bad.
  • When you are done, it won't hurt at all.
  • You've done harder things than this.
  • You've done worse things for much longer.
  • Think of all the alone time you are getting.
  • Kids at the finish - enjoy your peace and quiet.
  • Reality straight ahead.  Enjoy the moment.

Img_0452 The best sign I saw this year was at the Bix7 race, positioned as we started up the big hill in Mile 1.   It read, "This is where Champions Rise To the Occasion."  That one stuck with me for all the miles of the race.

While running, I am always on the look out for funny signs.   Humor can take Betsy_marathon_sign me much farther  than Gu or water.   One of my favorite posts was from Nitmos in May when he listed a few funny signs.   He was kind enough to let us republish it the Lounge for all to enjoy as well. 

His sign ideas were as funny as this sign I found on Flickr (pic on right).   Now that is a friend.  Look how serious she is.  Something tells me the "take a dump in your pants" maybe Kickassphalt not be all in jest.   Wow, makes me realize how much our family and friends must put up with from us runners.

Another classic sign is on the left, taken by edex on Flickr is always popular at races.   Looking at this one gives me the idea to create a bunch of signs and then leave them laying around the course for others to enjoy. I_will_dig_deep

And some other classic running signs, from the 2006 Run London series were photographed by purplespace.   One of my favorites is on the right - I will dig deep.   If you go to purplespace's Flickr profile, you will find five others that are great too!

And last but not least, a good reminder of a great sign was mentioned by Michaela in her post about her marathon finish.  It is a sign every race should have one of, especially towards the end " Remember the reasons you are running."  After we enter our running orb and lose ourself in all the running, it is sometimes hard to remember why we started this crazy race to begin with.

Enjoy your race more!  Make and share a sign!  To see how runners' faces light up with signs, check out our Flickr pages from last years Des Moines Marathon photos with Loungers with our signs.

Looking forward to your posts about signs you would like to see while running for Take It and Run Thursday.   


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