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Sigh. Grrrr!!!!!!

Posted Mar 15 2013 11:23am

It’s been a few days since posting here. I’ve basically been on my butt since then. I took Sunday and Monday off as planned. Then I had some last minute things crop up on Tuesday that kept me on the sidelines (good things – not bad). So I couldn’t get out and test my knee until Wednesday.

Instead of actually running, I laced up the shoes and briskly walked over to the local supermarket, loaded up on some groceries (I had dinner duty on Wednesday) and then hoofed it back home – a 4 1/2 mile round trip – the second half with a 20 pound knapsack. I got an extra serving of chicken breast.

Move ahead to Thursday. I went to put my shoes on and I couldn’t bend my knee into a right angle to put a sock on. Sigh….

This is the injury that started the big downward spiral in the spring of 2010. Pain, swelling, cracking and popping – all signs of runner’s knee . Unlike spring 2010, I’m going to follow the recommended course of action:

  • First off: One of my good Twitter/FB friends asked about my shoes. Well, they’ve been in service since November. Of 2011. So the first thing I will do is retire one pair of Asics GT2160s.
  • Next: I will be taking some time off running until the pain and swelling is gone. Like really gone, not just convince myself gone. This was the huge mistake I made the last time around. I kept convincing myself that everything was good to go when it wasn’t. And it never really did until I shut down everything for good.
  • Third: In the interim, I will do some walking around the neighborhood (in a pair of shoes other than 2 year old Asics GT2160s).

Now for the grrrrrr!!!!! All this means that I’m probably going to go back to the beginning of the Higdon Spring Training Plan in a couple weeks. This is a real disappointment because I felt like I had just started making some real progress. Sigh. I mean Grrrr!!!!

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