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Sick Wife and My New Nightlife

Posted Mar 09 2011 12:00am
A short post today as my wife is sick... Well this certainly has been a family focused day today. I was awaken by my son at 4:30am needing to go to the bathroom. As my wife put it “you help him out since you’ll be running in a few minutes any ways”. I have to admit that she had a point and was happy to cover this situation. So after helping him out and back into bed I was on the treadmill before 5am. Another very good day of running on the treadmill, not quite as good as yesterday but very good none the same. I have to admit that I do feel the difference even after such a short time. I feel I am build up endurance and getting more comfortable on the treadmill. I am more awake at work or at least until I get tired from getting up so early in the afternoon. Overall another good day of training. And no headaches again today, so maybe I have worked through whatever was causing them.

Unfortunately my wife is under the weather. Some bug that is going around. So I spent the evening at church with the kids. I have fun listening to the youth ministry lessons and of course the choir practice. But my wife is pretty much out for the count tonight. On the way to church I stopped by Fleet Feet to pick up a Strassberg Sock for my wife. I hope that this will help her work through her foot pain. I hate it that the clearance rack was near these socks and of course I had to look at the rack. Needless to say I was a bad boy. After being very good for the last month and a half in regards to buying running gear I ended up getting something. I walked out even more cash poor with a Brooks Nightlife jacket.

I love these jackets and couldn’t believe that it was on the clearance rack. I guess I’ll be taking lunch to work for a while to pay for this. But I know I would have thought about it for days, driving myself crazy until I eventually went back for it. And of course it would have been gone by then. Maybe that wouldn’t have been such a back thing. But I am happy and will be warmer and safer now out on the roads.
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