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sick of being sick

Posted Oct 20 2009 12:00am
I'm getting ready for the Richmond Marathon Nov. 14. Training has gone pretty well for this marathon--I've gotten in all my long runs and most of my other key workouts. However, I have not made it through the process without getting sick. I think this tends to go with the territory of marathoning.

Studies show that for any exercise session longer than 90 minutes, your immune system takes a hit for the following 72 hours. With this being cold and flu season, it's probably inevitable, then, than people training for fall marathons are going to be susceptible to coughs, fevers, and the flu.

I had my first cough about five weeks ago. I skipped a few days of runs and went to the doctor, was diagnosed with bronchitis and put on antibiotics. It seemed to clear out rather quickly, so I went ahead and ran my 20-miler that weekend. Dumb mistake! The very next day I started to feel head congestion and then it moved right back into my chest. This go around I plowed on through training, however. Probably mistake number two. It has taken me forever to get over this and just when I thought I had it licked, I feel like another round of coughing is hitting me. At this point in the game, I really can't afford to miss training, but I skipped a planned day of 10 miles with speedwork. I'm going to take it one day at a time now, because no matter what I have to get in my long run this weekend--then I can begin to taper.

I wish it were possible to train this hard and not get sick! Any recommendations are welcome.
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