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Sick Again?!

Posted Feb 08 2012 11:07pm
Is that even possible? Apparently, yes. I seem to have angered Karma somehow.

Luckily it's just a head cold. An unpleasant, stuffy, headachy, sneezy, drippy head cold.

This is my sad face, in case you were wondering.
On the bright side, my co-workers are THRILLED that I'm bringing my germy self into the office and sharing the love.

On the actual bright side, I get to eat lots of these

I'm kind of obsessed with popsicle and these are the absolute BEST! I ate 5 of them for supper tonight. Don't believe me?

My tongue actually turned purple.

Due to my sickness, I didn't do my scheduled run tonight. Instead I opted for some yoga.

When deciding whether or not to run when you have a cold, the general rule of thumb is if the cold is from the neck up (ie a head cold) then you're probably ok to run; if it's from the neck down (ie in your chest and/ or lungs) rest. Generally running with a cold won't affect the severity of the cold and you'll feel better with a few endorphins in your system!
The other thing to watch out for is sinus infections. You don't want to run if you have a sinus infection - you'd probably make it worse and take longer to fight, especially if you run in cold, dry weather with one. If you feel pressure in your face/ sinuses, it's probably to take a rest day or two until you feel better, or check with a doctor.

Finally, DEFINITELY don't run if you have a fever. Running (or any strenuous exercise) will likely worsen your fever and other symptoms.

Some stats?

  • The odds of getting sick are about 6 times higher after running a marathon (especially sinus infections and upper respiratory tract infections)
  • Runners who run 60+ miles per week are twice as likely to get sick as those who run below this threshold mileage
  • Interesting article here
I will do another post on this topic at a later date.. Lots of interesting stuff, but I need to get some sleep to fight this thing off, I've got a half marathon to run!

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