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Shredded Legs

Posted May 28 2013 11:20am
If you don't care to know about my weekend shenanigans, scroll halfway down for the honest leg truth. You're welcome! 

Wow, so summer lasted a whopping three days this year here in the UK? I'm not sure whether to be shocked or grateful?! Either way, I hope everyone had a nice, long weekend, be it in the UK or the US. As for everyone else in Europe, tough, you get enough holidays as it is.

So, the super-duper secret hen do took me up to Harrogate and although we arrived in drizzly rain, we had the most gorgeous weather on Saturday and Sunday. Luckily, I managed to get plenty of exercise done while away! 

How's that for some swanky accommodation?!
Saturday we spent a couple of hours at the Roman Baths, getting our sweat on in the hot- and steam room and going for a quick dip in the freezing ice pool, while Saturday night was dedicated to stumbling prancing around in heels and practicing our shot-taking. I know for a fact that that counts as a workout since I checked my pedometer first thing Sunday morning and it looks like I had already taken 3,000 steps that day, only, that was pre-bedime. 

I may have forgotten at some point during the night that I was NOT the bride

Sunday saw a bout of competetive eating to judge who would get through every single bit of food on their trays at the famous Betty's Tea Room. I didn't come in first, but I didn't leave a crumb behind. And let's not forget my super-sprint across York train station to catch my connecting train, which ended up being delayed anyways. Talk about a sporty weekend! 

A good time was had by all and we now have three weeks to recover and get ready for the wedding extravaganza. Hooray! 

Unfortunately, and some of you may be able to sympathize, I'm no longer the spring chicken that I'd like to pretend I am and it takes me a wee bit longer to get over these kinds of things. And although I beat the hangovers both days, it's the lack of sleep that gets to me most. So thank goodness for a day off on Monday, which was spent in the garden, feet up with a book, watching G fix our roof while trying to remember the emergency services number.

However, Bank Holiday or not, I still had my CrossFit session that night and it being US Memorial Day, we did 'Murph', a WoD dedicated to a fallen American soldier.

Due to my bad knee and general weakness, I, along with four other guys in the group, did the scaled version, which looked something like this:

800m run (row for yours truly)

10 sets of:  

5 pull ups (band assisted)
10 push ups
15 squats

800 m run (again, row for me)

Now, quick, get your maths hat on. Yup, that's a total of 50 pull ups, 100 push ups and 150 squats. 

And guess what else? I once again beat every single one of the guys. I don't know what's wrong with them, cause there's no way I'm stronger, but those boys sure don't know how to pace themselves!!! Thanks to that, we had a very giddy (and very exhausted) Jen reminding them that they've just been chicked.

Randomly, I was wearing my brand-new leggings in a very modest yellow, can't get more chicken than that, can it?!

OK, not very gracious, I know, but c'mon, that kind of stuff NEVER happens to me!!! 

Now, what do you do after a killer workout like that? You plan a nice rest day, right? 

Wrong. I figured that nothing works better for trashed legs than a nice spin session first thing in the morning. Only, my spinning instructor was really in the mood for some squats and push ups on the bike. She hasn't done those in a while, so I guess it was just a question of time, but man, I could've done without...

Needless to say, I've been dragging those legs behind me ever since, feeling rather sorry for myself, or them legs, rather. However, I've really noticed a change recently, my thighs are definitely starting to bulk up (as is my tush...) and I'm pretty sure that's from exercise rather than chocolate. G's getting a bit concerned that I might start looking a bit too hefty but really I think he's just scared that I might be able to whoop his bootey sooner rather than later.

And you know what else strong legs stand for? Faster running. Whoop! Now bring on June so I can test these stompers out already.

How did you spend your day off? Did you get up to anything fun?

Where was the last hen/stag do / bachelorette/bachelor party that you went to?

Did you make the bride/groom do anything silly? Our Friday night entertainment was certainly interesting but I was told that what happens on tour, stays on tour, so unfortunately can't say more than that... 
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