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Shred them Legs

Posted Apr 01 2013 12:00am
Happy Monday! 

Did you all do some serious over-indulging over the weekend or did you stay good, get out for a run, feeling smug for having done so? 

For the first time in a decade, the Two Itchy Feet household has remained entirely chocolate-free. I'm thinking that's mainly because we didn't get to see any of G's family this year, who usually shower us in all things chocolate. But, when I offered G to get him his traditional Easter egg from the health food shop on Saturday, he politely declined. Check us out! 

So no chocolates for us but, instead, some serious gym action. I'm determined to get strong like a beast while I'm not running so I can come back better than ever (or at least so I like to tell myself...). The goal for yesterday's sesh was simple: I was determined to shred my legs to the point that I'd be unable to walk today. Simples.

After getting my sweat on for a good 30 minutes on the bike, followed by another 10 on the rower (I'd forgotten just how hard the rowing machine can be. Ten minutes was plenty for this gal), I hit up the weights. And this time I came with a plan to make every lift count:

I did a bit of research and put this together myself, guesstimating my weight as I went along. Those one-legged leg extensions I was told to do to strengthen my quads and take the stress off my knee. I tried 10kg but couldn't handle that (keep your smirks to yourself), so went down to 5. In my defence, I did do them with just one leg!

The squats became rather comical to me as I realized that none of the weight was really heavy enough for the effect I wanted. The problem being though that there's only so much weight I can manage to get on my shoulders. I actually had to ask G to get those 20 kg barbells on my back and then ended up getting the giggles at my ridiculousness. Need to switch to those grown-up machines where you simply slide under the bar (and maybe work on my upper-body strength too). 

As to the 'oops' moment. Apparently I can't add and after unloading the gazillion kilos of weights from the legpress machine, I figured that two 25kg plates on each side obviously made 50kg in total. HA! Nevertheless, I did, don't ask me how, manage to very ungraciously legpress 100kg. They weren't deep, they weren't pretty, but I did a whopping ten of 'em. 

We also caught the Oxford-Cambridge boat race just before leaving. Obviously I'm a light-blue fan, not because I care about rowing but by simple association. So boo on that result!

And then we re-instated our grand old tradition of Sunday visits to Nando's. What better way to re-fuel than with some tasty, tasty chicken wraps.

How did you spend your Easter weekend? 

Favorite dish at Nando's? Hands down, the chicken wrap, hot (!!!) with macho peas. Simple, tasty and nom, nom good. 

What shade of blue are you?
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