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Showers are so overated

Posted Apr 18 2011 7:56am

First things first; Good Luck to all Boston Marathon Runners! I’m going to try and watch the race live online; or at least read live updates!!

Happy Marathon Monday!


Now to your regularly scheduled program:

As you know Chris & I headed down to Boca Grande this weekend to go camping. We had a great time. I mean, who doesn’t love sleeping tossing & turning on the ground in a tent, sunburn, mosquito bites, wet feet, peeing in the woods & loads of alcohol.

In all seriousness I really do enjoy camping. It’s fun…every once in a while. I couldn’t  make it an every weekend thing. I enjoy showering and pooping in my own a toilet way to much, thanks.

This will be a picture heavy post. There isn’t really to much to say. I mean, we went camping & fishing. That’s what we did. We drove down Thursday. Went fishing Thursday night. Got up Friday morning, ate a yummy breakfast, went fishing, ate some lunch, went fishing, ate some dinner (trout we caught Thurs. night) then went fishing until 1am Saturday morning!! Saturday morning we repeated the same routine! Sunday we packed up camp and made the excruciatingly long drive home. 


YAY! We are at the boat ramp getting read to head over. Obviously this is day 1.. my hair still looks groomed.


BG2 DSC03078 DSC03085

jena chris BG

DSC03105 DSC03108


It’s a shovelhead (or bonnet head) shark. We saw two swimming around while we were on the trussels. Sherry caught on Friday night while we were fishing. I’m not sure how big they get, but this guy was about 4 feet. They are pretty common. I’ve also caught one when we were fishing @ Sebastian Inlet several years ago.


That’s a big ol’ trout

jena sherry BG Jena Sherry BG 2

jena bg2

Alcohol may or may not have been involved in the following pictures:


Show’em whatcha workin’ w/ Babe

DSC03122 DSC03124

See, I can do a handstand.


Chillin’ out, maxin out, relaxin’ all cool

DSC03070 DSC03059



Our tent is the baby red tent. Next year we are upgrading to a big kid tent, with an air mattress. For real.

sunset 1 BG

I have quite a few more pictures on my friends camera. When she e-mails them to me I’ll post a few of those as well. (It’s my blog and I’ll do what I want to, do what I want to, do what I want to.) Oh.. anyways.

It was a really great trip.

I cut my foot on a stupid shell the second we got off the boat onto the island. That means it got sand, and whatever else in it all weekend. It’s red and painful right now. I also did something to my right calf cuz that joker hurts.

I’m not sure that running will be on the books today. Putting running shoes on over that cut doesn’t sound like a swell idea. I tried to put my boat shoes on Saturday and that lasted about 15 seconds.


Happy Monday Y’all


You only have one life, so you might as well live it.

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