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Should you chew gum to lose weight?

Posted Jan 30 2012 12:59pm

There are a number of gum products over the year that have claimed they can help you lose weight. In fact, there has even been some research hinting that gum chewing can help you lose weight . And this article from WebMD concludes the same about gum chewing and weight loss .

Anyway, here is an interesting study published in the November 2011 issue of the peer reviewed journal Obesity.

Researchers did a randomized controllwed trial of chewing gum for weight loss. It was an 8-week study that aimed to determine whether there would be any significant weight loss in people who chewed gum for a minimum of 90 min a day would lead to greater weight loss.

Unfortunately, the researchers end the study saying “We conclude that chewing gum on a regular schedule for 8 weeks did not facilitate weight loss in these overweight and obese adults.”

Bottom line as Obesity Panacea points out, can gum chewing help you lose weight? No.

Incidentally, I personally love to chew gum. Once I chewed a piece of gum for 13 days straight because I was curious to see how long I could do it. How I did it is the story for another time.

Also, as a joggler one of the most frequent comments you’ll hear is the question, “Are you chewing gum too?” Joggler Michal Kapral was prompted by these comments to chew gum the entire time he was joggling the Toronto marathon en route to breaking the world marathon joggling record.

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