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Should I cut back from 5 miles to train for a 5K?

Posted by Cindy L.

I just decided to run a 5K in the end of January.  I've been running 5 miles (under an hour) twice a week for about 6 months.  I'm wondering if I should keep running 5 miles, run 5 miles more often, or drop down to what the 5K training schedules say to do.  Any help would be much appreciated.



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As long as you feel fine during and after a 5-miler, keep on doing them. Your body is used to 5 miles, so it should think 3.1 miles is nothing. If I understand what you've said, you're running twice a week; is this right? If you decide to run more than twice a week, try something like this. Let 5 miles be your long run once a week. Let 3 miles be your medium run once a week. Let any remaining runs be 1.5-2 miles once a week or more. This will keep your body conditioned for the 5-mile distance and will give you extra rest to help your body adjust to running more than twice a week. An important thing in running is to run heavy/light. Sports docs say we need at least 48 hours after a run of heavy stress. The rest runs of 1.5-2 miles will give you runs of light stress. Space them (or days of no running) before and after your heavy runs of 3 and 5 miles. Heavy/light means you have a light-stress day after each day of heavy-stress.
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