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Shin splints

Posted by Sean D.

Any advice for treating shin splints?
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I am no medical professional, but I have suffered from shin splints since I was a kid. My understanding is that once they flare up, rest and ice is your best bet until they heal. Once they are better, there are exercises you can do for prevention of future flare ups. I was told by a physical therapist that shin splints result from an imbalance in muscle between the front and the back of your leg, so by strengthening your calves--very gradually--you may be able to prevent future shin splints. Some exercises he recommended to me included toe raises, and walking around on your heels, toes lifted. The key is to do these very slowly...strengthening your calves too quickly can CAUSE shin splints. But, if done very slowly, you may be able to prevent getting them in the future. I hope this helps!
That seems like sound advice. Thanks a lot.

Another name for shin splints is "too much too soon". Back off in the intensity of your training.

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