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Sharing the Love

Posted Mar 15 2013 2:17pm
I've been meaning to post on this for a while. I love reading other peoples' blogs and I've amassed quite a reading list. Before I started blogging, I had no idea that this amazing community existed - I love that I've made some awesome friends in the blogosphere (though I haven't met most in real life!) and I've learned so, so much about running, about fitness, about social media and blogging and all kinds of other tops from blogs.

Today I want to share a few of my favourites with you. Sharing is caring, right?!

My Favourite Running Blogs

Yo Momma Runs - Lisa is just plain awesome. Saucy in the best kind of way, sarcastic and hilarious. Also, she runs marathons and ultras while balancing life as mama to 4 kiddos. I'm kind of addicted to her blog. If you're not already convinced to check it out, last month she did the Harlem Shake at the start line of a trail ultra marathon (the video is on her blog). That's insanely cool in my books :)

C'est La Vie - Julia at C'est La Vie is one of the biggest inspirations and I just love reading her random and always thought-provoking posts. She's a fast and talented runner, a doctor (!!), a talented photographer... She always inspires me because if this girl can balance being a doctor, blogging, running marathons, a relationship and a million other things, I like to think I can too :)

Hungry Runner Girl - Ok, everyone and their dog probably knows about this blog, but I am sharing it because I love it. Janae is funny, cute and I like her quirky style. She's crazy fast and I love how much she genuinely loves running. Also - she posts lots of pictures of her insanely cute baby girl.

Walk to the Mailbox - The blogger behind this gem, Gina, is one of the most driven people ever. She's working towards her goal of running a marathon in each of the 50 states and she blogs about each race as she goes. She's a beautiful writer - I always enjoy reading her recaps.

Skinny Runner - Ok another of the ones that everyone probably already reads, but I just can't get enough of her witty, sarcastic posts and celebrity obsession. Also - this girl runs pretty much marathons every weekend for fun and does this even more "fun" thing called "Man Up Week" where she runs 4+ marathons in ONE WEEK.

Running with Spatulas - Ali is a fellow Canadian blogger/ runner and mama to the sweetest little guy, and what I love the most about her blog is how REAL she is. She blogs about the ups and the downs and her blog is always candid and honest. Product reviews are never raving infomercials, I actually use them when deciding if I want try a particular product.

She's also hosting a virtual race with some pretty epic prizes - check it out!!


The Athletarian - Christina over at the Athletarian is one of my very favourite bloggers, I read her posts every day. She's a general fitnessista/ runner and she posts awesome vegetarian food/ recipes and about clean eating and lots of different workouts. She the cutest, most inspiring person - I highly recommend her blog!

Siobhan McCarthy - Siobhan is another Canadian blogger who blogs about health, fitness, running and cheerleading. I've been reading her blog for a while now and always enjoy reading her posts and the different workouts she shares.

Push Pump Progress - Michelle is also a Canadian blogger. She's a runner/ fitness guru and posts lots of seriously yummy-looking recipes and informative/ thought-provoking posts. Her blog is in my regular morning reading rotation :)


Katy Widrick  - I've been LOVING Katy's blog lately for tips on how to be a better blogger - from tips on how to make your blog more presentable , to , to just about anything. If you're looking for ways to improve your blog, her site is a goldmine. Definitely recommended!

Momcomm - Momcomm does the BEST . This site was recommended to me when I wanted to make some improvements to my blog on my budget (aka free), and I learned SO much by reading through the critiques already there. I think a lot of bloggers make the same mistakes - there's a lot of good advice there! If you're not as poor/ cheap as I am, her rates are really reasonable to have your own personal critique.


Doll Parade - Kristin is Ryan (aka "Boy")'s sister and she blogs about fashion & style. Though she's more about pictures than words, I love Kristin's witty writing. And she has the most fabulous knack for putting together pieces of clothing that I'd never dream of picking out - and making them look classy and fabulous. Whenever I am going shopping or want to get dressed in anything other than sweatpants, I consult with her blog to find out what is cool and how to pair things without looking like a child picked out my clothes. She's on some impressive style magazine panels and her site pretty much rocks!

There are lots of other blogs that I read and love, but sadly I cannot list them all! I have a Blogroll page (under the header at the top of the page) - let me know if you would like me to include your blog, I'd be  happy to add it!

Also - leave your blog in the comments so I can check it out, if I don't already follow you!

Pay it forward - what's one (or more!) of your favourite blogs?

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