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Sharing My Birthday with Father’s Day

Posted Jun 15 2012 11:41am

My wedding day with Mr. Met and my Dad

This weekend will be exciting, Catherine and I are going to Florida to visit my parents.  We will celebrate Father’s Day and my birthday, which is awesome when the two fall on the same day.  I am now officially in my late 30′s as I flip over to 36. Damn, I am getting old fast and before you know it I will be 40.  Maddone, did I actually just write that!  40!  Well, I will certainly have to enjoy my late 30′s as much as possible.  I’m still a kid at heart but with our recent house purchase in Denver I am starting to realize that more adult responsibilities are on the way.

My 35th year was pretty awesome.  I accomplished many things from running goals (multiple marathons), work/career goals (continued growth) and personal goals (buying first house and moving to Denver!). In fact, 35 might have set the stage for an unbelievably amazing and exciting 36th year with many changes to come. I guess when I reflect back on 35 I must thank it for setting me up for a fantastic year to come.

I’ve always enjoyed having my birthday fall on Father’s Day, there are great memories of my dad and I going to a Mets game at the old Shea Stadium. It was always a special time to share my day with my dad’s day and I am excited for this weekend so we can enjoy some quality time together.

I am not a dad yet but hopefully one day I will be.  When I do become one I plan to follow in the footprints of my dad.  He was the ultimate family man, putting his kids and wife first before anything and everything. To this day I still look up to him and reflect positively on our 35 year relationship. We still to this day go out and have a catch, we’ve been sharing our love of baseball for my entire life.  As a former lefty pitcher who was drafted but elected not to join the club, I hope his DNA is transferred to a son of mine one day.  Do you know how much lefty pitchers make?!?!

So this weekend, give your dad a high-five if you can.  Run for your dad if he no longer is with you.

Do you have a Father’s Day race planned this weekend? Tell us one memory of your dad and sports. Does your dad run and did he pass the love of it onto you?

- Scott

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