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sh*t happens ...

Posted Jun 02 2010 5:35am
This morning I had a plan for a post. I was going to write about how I ran 16 miles between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. (eight last night on the treadmill and eight this morning with G ). This is post run this morning. Aren't we cute?

Then, I was going to wax poetic about how I rocked this outfit (thanks to a confidence boost from P90X and some very supportive bloggy comments).

And I had planned to share with you how the last five miles of my run this morning was my five miler for Katye's National Running Day Virtual Race . But, that plan has been thrown out the window, because, sh*t happens. Literally.

You see, when I got back from my early morning run today, Dilly was still in bed. I had time to shower and eat and get Dizzle and Doodle ready for the day BEFORE I heard Dilly crying. This is typical. Dilly is a great sleeper. The not-so-typical part happened when I opened her bedroom door. There she was. 25 pounds of total cuteness holding a poop-filled diaper in her right hand. WTF?!?!

Now, let me say, my kid is a freaking Houdini. She was still fully dressed (in a one piece outfit) with all of the snaps between the legs still together. Yet, somehow, she managed to take off her extremely messy diaper. Poop was everywhere. All over her. All over the crib. And when I walked in, she simply handed me the diaper and started grunting and motioning towards the pile of feces laying in her crib, as to say, "What are you looking at Stupid? Pick it up!"

And that's exactly what I did. I picked the crap up. Then I stripped her down and threw her in the bath. It was not pretty. And she still kind of smells. But like I said, sh*t happens ...
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