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Sfx Update

Posted Dec 20 2009 5:29pm

Man I found a forum on sfx’s in the Runnersworld .com from way back in o6′ to date. This really is a common injury and I had no idea how many vet runners actually suffered from them. What I was surprised to not hear was that not a single runner mentioned the Exogen 4000 Bone Growth Stimulator involved in their therapy. Highly recommended by Dr. Lewis G. Maharam M.D ,considered the world’s premier running doctor, the healing time is cut by one third to one half.

I’m not one to advertise much for anyone’s products but I am here to help my running friends and community so I have to mention the Exogen 4000.

The EXOGEN 4000+ Bone Healing System is a low-intensity pulsed ultrasound device that is externally applied 20 minutes a day over the site of a broken bone.  It is the ONLY bone stimulator

  • using ultrasound technology approved to treat fractures that that have failed to heal;
  • approved to heal specific fresh fractures faster
  • The EXOGEN 4000+ is medically proven to promote the body’s natural healing process, speeding the repair of a broken bone.  The system is also clinically proven to speed up the healing of certain new fractures by 38 percent and effectively healing 86 percent of hard-to-heal bone fractures.

    Here’s  the deal. The cost is $3999 …..BUT let me share the secret. Insurance carriers pay all but the $250 deductible! What I found was that many runners have them in their closet since their sfx has healed and they are selling them on Ebay for around $200 to $300. I got mine like new with only 13 treatment used for a winning bid of $231.  That gives me 387 treatments left. I have to contribute the accelerated healing of my sfx in the past 6 weeks to this miracle machine. I have read though that the new studies show that two treatments of 20 minutes a day is gathering much greater results than a single treatment.

    Look get this machine! Go to their site and do the research. Pony up the bucks and get some real relief and peace of mind. Don’t forget to add a Cal-Mag combo supplement daily to your your therapy as well. You will be hitting the streets a whole lot sooner. Coming next post  …. Re – entry Plan

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