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Seven things Sunday – Random musings on a 12 mile run

Posted Sep 12 2011 1:29am

1. Tennessee is really a gorgeous place to run. I ran the first 7 miles of my run on the sidewalks around one of the main roads near our neighborhood. I tried to get some extra mileage by running through the local high school and found another trail. The trail ran along the most gorgeous part of the Stones River. I wish I had a camera because it was so gorgeous in the shimmering sunrise. Next time friends, I will bring a camera along for the run.

2. There are no flat streets in Tennessee or maybe I just don’t know where they are. Running 12 miles isn’t a walk in the park but running 12 hilly miles is a mental and physical battle for this Cajun. I desperately searched for flat surfaces but alas, I will just have to get better at hills. I should probably do that before running the Clarksville Half, the Ragnar Relay, the Huntsville Half and the Rocketcity Marathon. Maybe there’s a hill running fairy that will bring some hill running skills to me while I sleep… One can dream.

3. It’s much easier to run with 2 good shoes than 1 good shoe and one really old shoe. Last weekend, Chris and I scrubbed the RV inside and out (we are putting it up for sale soon and would love for you to buy it). Needless to say, our shoes needed some TLC in the form of a good spin around the washing machine. Chris discovered upon washing my “old pair of running shoes” that I had been running in 1 new running shoe on my left foot and 1 old running shoe (from my last marathon) on my right foot. This probably explains why I only have shin splints on my right leg. Needless to say, the problem has been corrected and I am adding this to list of many reasons why I love that man.

4. The feeling of running from our new home in our new neighborhood and becoming familiar with it all may never get old. I’ve never owned a house before and have lived in dorms, apartments and rentals since moving out of my parent’s house when I went to Tulane. No where has ever felt like home ,and I always dreamt of the day where I could go for a run from my house around my neighborhood. That day is here, and it feels pretty darn good.

5. I still have it. I haven’t done a 12 miler since 2010, and those final long runs of marathon season were brutal. Getting used to running TN terrain has been a bit of a challenge and my running “mojo” needed a pick me up. It was an amazing feeling to run 12 miles without pain, surrounded by beautiful scenery in the company of one very outdated iPod library (need to work on that one).

6. I could be a faster runner. Wednesday’s training plan called for a 1 mile warm-up, a 8:48 pace 5K and a 1 mile cool down. Always the impatient one, I started the tempo run after .8 miles. There were times I looked down at my Garmin and saw a 7  something minute per mile pace. So, I could be a faster runner – I just have to try a wee bit TON harder. That speed work out killed me but in a good way.

7. Runners are really nice and bikers aren’t too shabby either. Every runner or cyclist I passed today waved hello or said good morning. Always a pleasant thing to see. The trails are a friendly place – especially when the snake sightings today were ZERO.

On a side note, ELEVEN days until the big day! I can’t believe it’s almost September 23rd!!!! (Can you tell I’m excited…)


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