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Setting Goals

Posted Apr 27 2008 9:41am

Well, I enrolled in this site today and set my goals. DD and I will enroll in a 10 k run in August or September of 2008, hopefully over in the San Francisco Bay Area where its usually cooler weather. This will give us 4-5 months to train.

We will start getting up around 5:30 am to run for an hour a day for at least 4 days a week. We live in the central valley of California, so the time of day we run is important since some summer days can get as hot as 110 or 115 degrees. I think the heat can sap our motivation if we run in the afternoons, so early morning before work it is.

We also figured out our reward. Once we successfully complete a 10k run, we will treat ourselves to a trip to a day spa for facials and massages :-)

Things left to plan/consider:

We still need to plan a route to train on. There are a lot of bike and jog paths around our town. I plan to check them out. I need to look for a 6 mile route where we can run on blacktop or dirt rather than concrete sidewalks. I've had a spinal fusion between L5 and S1 after L5 slipped foreward 14 mm (1984), surgery on both feet with screws still in place(1986), and an acl reconstruction, partial lateral menisectomy, patellar chondroplasty, torn mcl and cracked femur on my left knee (bad snow skiing fall, surgery, and months and months of rehab 2005) . Jogging on concrete still causes a little pain and swelling in my knee, so I'll do better on a softer surface.

We need to find and register for a 10 k run. I would enjoy a run somewhere around the bay area or maybe Yosemite or Tahoe - though elevation would be a consideration there.

Tomorrw we start. Up at 5:30 and out the door. I'm in bad enough shape I'll be lucky to job a mile so will probably walk a lot - but its a start.

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